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(KY319) KIMBERLEY NURSERY (Non-Black-Type) (For 2 year-olds)
Date: 2019-07-22 Time: 15:25
Type: ? Nursery Prize: R110000
Venue: Flamingo Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Sand
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KY184TN795KY222KY231KY250KY286KY3119RUBY AND ROSESCalvin Habib2F A B55.55 1 -1.0087.298/1171/20KY5KY52VR266KY108KY115KY141KW378 »
TN470VR667VR776TN794VR863KY240KY2861AXIOSMuzi Yeni2G A B60.06 2 1.0087.465/49/10KY43KY47KY61TN453KY134TN610KY181Below form
« VR978VR1006VR1066KY275SV816KY286GE8462BABY LETS MAMBOWesley Marwing2G a 60.010 3 3.0087.753/121/4GE894KY43TN169VR357TN495SV367VR600 »
TN847KY222TN944VR1226KY30412KAYDEN'S BULLETJarryd Penny2F A 53.51 4 7.5088.5512/112/1GE906KY37GE252GE331GE382
TN943VR1039KY269KY3047LUMINANCEMathew Thackeray2C A B56.09 5 11.0089.1940/170/1KY13
TN944VR986KY260VR1141KY287KY295VR122610SHE CAN DANCETejash Juglall2F A 55.5*2.58 6 11.5089.2314/125/1KY39Below formVR156VR184KY68VR383
KY138KY147KY203KY2508GRAND RAPIDMarco V'Rensburg2F A 55.53 7 11.7589.2512/122/1 
SV55SV475GE621KY240KY260KY2864SPANISH FORTCollen Storey2G A 58.011 8 14.0089.7016/133/1KY36KY47Below formKY62Below formKY81Below formKY99KY104KY121Below form »
GE48AGE97KY286KY295KY3046BENINOEldin Webber2C A 56.02 9 16.0090.0130/170/1KY13KY20KY46
« VR1090KY269SV807KY287KY295VR1226KY30411CODE BLACKHennie Greyling2F A 53.54 10 18.0090.3514/122/1KY2KY38KY80TN344VR400KY122Below formSV443 »
KY138KY203KY231KY2865WHAT A SEVENS'Manga Khumalo2C A B58.012 11 19.0090.508/113/1KY47KY153KY178KY198
« FW376FW416FW456KY260KY269KY286KY3103LINDEN ROCKRyan Munger2C a B58.07 12 99999.9930/155/1KY142


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