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(FW497) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 MR 72 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2019-05-17 Time: 16:10
Type: MR 72 HCP Prize: R75000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« FW193FW232FW265FW287FW355FW399FW4284VOICES OF LIGHTGreg Cheyne3G74A 59.55 1 -0.5069.485/217/10FW519FW556FW79FW171Below formFW209FW283FW366
« FW199FW259AFW312FW355FW390FW427FW4786PICK AGAINMuzi Yeni4G71A B59.57 2 0.5069.584/1113/20FW555FW597FW72FW79Below formFW105FW265FW275Below form »
« FW168FW233FW258AKW328FW354FW391FW4783SCRIBOLyle Hewitson5G72a 60.02 3 2.5069.894/127/4FW511FW573FW587FW80Below formFW115Below formFW170Below formFW214 »
« FW312FW328FW356FW391FW399FW421FW4499FOR LUCK SAKECharles Ndlovu7G52A B52.01 4 2.6069.9116/118/1FW564FW582FW16FW51FW66Below formFW94FW123Below form »
« GE715GE914FW361FW391FW415FW449FW4615DYNASTY'S BOYTeaque Gould4G71A B59.54 5 2.7069.935/271/20FW519FW573FW16FW39
« KW637KW44DE92KW174KW264KW326FW3488GO SNOW GIRL GOKeanen Steyn3F63a 54.03 6 3.2069.9925/150/1FW523FW557FW566FW103FW131FW144FW256 »
« GE38GE317GE336FW277FW332FW354FW3891FOUNDING FATHERJulius Mphanya5G74A B61.0*2.56 7 3.7070.077/115/1FW511FW537FW564FW39FW75Below formKY110KY113 »
FW568FW36FW84FW138FW181FW217FW4212OPEN FIREDiego De Gouveia3G75a 60.09 8 5.2070.328/111/1FW511FW519FW548FW574FW46FW115FW168Below form »
« GE260FW270FW319FW332FW391FW428FW4787LARRY JACKKendall Minnie3G66A B55.58 9 11.2071.2410/115/1FW539FW565FW11


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