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(KW333) GBETS CAPE DERBY (Grade 1) (For 3-year-olds)
Date: 2019-01-26 Time: 15:35
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R1000000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN872TN1007TN282TN390TN504TN5456ATYAAB (AUS) Diego De Gouveia 3C92A 60.013 1 -0.20124.0615/113/1TN770TN878TN1051GE762TN299TN392KW242Below form »
KW604KW657DE111KW210KW2872CHARLES Anton Marcus 3C94A 60.016 2 0.20124.099/19/1GE701GE762SV821GE843DE126KW174Below formKW298Below form »
KW43DE76DE106KW160KW210KW29410HERODOTUS Keagan De Melo 3C86A 60.011 3 2.45124.4811/115/1KW468KW509KW576DE86KW176Below formKW242Below formKW298 »
KW672KW19DE113KW231KW2943BUNKER HUNT Richard Fourie 3G93A 60.09 4 2.65124.5219/49/2GE701GE843KW174Below formKW258KW336GE579GE711Below form
KW581KW656DE86KW151KW252KW27920HELEN'S IDEAL S'Manga Khumalo 3F96A B57.53 5 3.05124.5950/118/1DE395KW467KW508KW575DE94KW197KW257 »
« KW506KW593KW656KW151KW207KW252KW30219SANTA CLARA Aldo Domeyer 3F103A 57.512 6 3.45124.6513/127/4GE634GE700GE761GE849KW208Below formKW237Below formKW299Below form »
KW43DE130KW166KW225KW2948SENATLA Greg Cheyne 3C89A 60.015 7 4.70124.8714/122/1MN145MN185MN214MN245Below formMN294MN345Below formMN366 »
KW612KW644KW38DE128KW178KW246KW2947HUDOO MAGIC (AUS) Corne Orffer 3C92A 60.05 8 5.00124.9212/128/1GE635SV709KW327KW376GE621Below formGE684GE714 »
KW647KW19DE101DE141KW168KW29412SAILING LIZARD Randall Simons 3G84A 60.018 9 6.25125.1416/128/1DE434FW488KW591GE104KW47KW284KW318
GE576GE678GE787SV874GE904GE255GE3144OVATION AWARD Warren Kennedy 3C93A 60.02 10 6.75125.2215/118/1MN135MN185MN205MN324MN376MN45MN115Below form »
KW165KW191KW2949BELGARION Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3C87A 60.010 11 7.50125.3510/19/1KW53DE86KW298GE619GE711KW246KW304
« KW604DE664DE108DE135KW168KW201KW27215LINE EDITOR M J Byleveld 3G79A 60.017 12 8.75125.5740/1100/1KW368DE399DE433KW491KW531KW576FW588 »
KW583KW638DE664DE102KW178KW210KW29414SEATTLE FORCE Craig Zackey 3G82A 60.04 13 9.50125.7050/1100/1TN797TN886VR989TN1103TN1222TN1283TN224 »
SV34SV68GE174GE247TN390GE3631THANKSGIVING Mark Khan 3C97A 60.01 14 10.50125.8711/26/1GE635GE701GE762GE848GE904
DE98KW172KW231KW29413KNIGHTS TEMPLAR Sean Veale 3C82A 60.08 15 11.25126.0020/128/1KW417KW533KW549KW26FW146KW242Below formKW360 »
FW541FW570FW55FW83FW206FW224FW26817GUN HILL Ryan Munger 3G74A 60.07 16 14.25126.5240/166/1FW364FW382FW405FW6FW25FW106FW168Below form »
« SV812SV860GE899GE174GE236KW246KW29411PERPETUAL FLAME Gavin Lerena 3G84A 60.06 17 17.25127.0350/1100/1SV649SV707SV811
FW170FW220FW27316LLOYD GEORGE Piere Strydom 3C76A 60.014 18 36.50130.3522/128/1KW418KW458KW582KW615KW46DE104FW208 »


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