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(GE126) Call now! Or play online. MR 72 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: Sunday, 24 September 2023
Time: 15:25 Prize: R100000
Type: MR 72 HCP Class: D
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1000m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« TN531Below formVR829TN855TN1002VR1047VR26Below formGE874ESQUEVELLE Craig Zackey 5g74 B61.04 1 -0.4058.7358.737/25/1GE158VR219VR291VR377TN402TN435GE458 »
« VR495Below formGE588TN665TN784TN869GE862GE393DONTSHOOTTHEBARMAN Calvin Habib 4g73 J60.53 2 0.4058.7958.794/111/2GE158Below formGE207SV286TN436Below formGE493TN651Below form
« GE681GE707GE787SV829SV893Below formGE39GE879ANOTHERDAYINAFRICAL Muzi Yeni 5g59A B53.59 3 1.7059.0059.006/19/2GE171GE226Below formSV263SV286Below formGE300Below formGE603Below formGE627 »
« SV653GE692SV770SV933Below formSV954Below formSV33GE701GIMME A RAINBOW Serino Moodley 6g73A 60.51 4 5.1059.5659.566/125/2GE143GE177GE238Below formGE356Below formSV412Below formSV467Below formGE509Below form »
« SV566SV650GE753SV827GE950GE21GE657LUCKY DOLLAR Deryl Daniels 4g68A B58.07 5 6.3059.7559.7510/110/1GE199GE238Below formGE293Below formSV412Below formGE485SV548GE626 »
« VR544Below formGE569GE661Below formGE681GE758Below formGE787VR930Below form5PHINDA MZALA Cole Dicken 6g60A B54.05 6 6.4059.7859.7814/17/1GE207SV263
« GE207Below formGE224GE369Below formSV509GE599GE862GE100Below form8ONE TOO MANY Brevan Plaatjies 5g74A B61.0*4.08 7 8.1060.0560.0510/125/2GE158GE509Below formGE574GE812
« GE758GE815GE862Below formSV933GE947GE39Below formGE87Below form11TRAFALGAR SQUARE Chase Maujean 5g63A B55.511 8 8.2060.0760.0714/125/1GE171GE207SV286Below formGE300Below formGE405GE443GE509Below form »
SV560GE593SV671SV715GE882GE6510HUNZA ROAD Rachel Venniker 3g80A B57.5*1.510 9 9.6060.3060.3020/133/1GE199GE273
« GE661SV828SV852SV933SV13SV75GE1006PRINCEKRESH Kobeli Lihaba 6g75A 61.5*4.06 10 10.0060.3760.379/29/2GE158Below formGE207SV263Below form
« GE343Below formGE502GE608GE921Below formGE3SV49Below formGE113Below form2OH MY WORD ITS ROY Siphesihle Hlengwa 5g47A C52.0*0.02 11 11.5060.6360.6325/180/1GE155Below formGE208GE239Below formGE357Below formGE442GE475GE695 »
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