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(KW155) CAPE PUNTERS CUP (Grade 2) (For 3 year-olds)
Date: 2022-11-19 Time: 15:40
Type: Grade 2 Prize: R500000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KW288KW317SV678GE791GE855GE9398COUSIN CASEY Grant Van Niekerk 3c113A 60.08 1 -1.0099.4828/105/4KW207KW272GE660GE734GE794Below formGE836Below form
DE384KW425KW467KW508Below formDE48KW11315AT MY COMMAND Keagan De Melo 3c107A 58.015 2 1.0099.659/215/2KW207KW262KW315GE734
KW11DE47DE8913LE MORNE Luyolo Mxothwa 3c94A 58.013 3 2.7599.948/116/1KW207TN534TN625Below form
« KW364KW442KW467KW508FW531DE98KW113Below form11PORT LOUISL Kabelo Matsunyane 3g105A 58.011 4 2.8099.9525/225/1KW207KW291DE329Below formFW332KW440Below formFW33
SV914SV93GE21714MONEY HEIST Piere Strydom 3c90A 58.014 5 4.05100.1625/116/1KW207TN534TN625Below formSV650GE837GE124
KW415Below formKW481KW508DE346LIGHT SPEED Richard Fourie 3c108A 58.06 6 4.25100.194/19/2KW440DE59
KW493KW550DE73Below formKW1137DAVE THE KING Corne Orffer 3c105A 58.07 7 5.00100.318/114/1KW207KW270TN757GE734GE794GE887Below formGE966
KW499KW20DE45FW1363ALLEZ MORIS Muzi Yeni 3c96A 58.03 8 5.75100.4425/140/1TN452TN534TN647
KW559Below formKW27DE64KW1219TRIPLE TIME Rachel Venniker 3c90A 58.0*1.59 9 7.00100.6540/133/1KW210Below formKW270KW315Below formKW515Below formDE9DE86
KW334KW357DE383KW483DE519DE88KW1234PAS DE NOM Grant Behr 3c97A 58.04 10 7.75100.7716/140/1KW216KW415Below formKW451KW522
GE789GE855GE937GE2572FORMAGEAR Ryan Munger 3g103A 58.02 11 8.50100.9016/140/1KW197KW260Below formGE692SV713GE752SV827SV934 »
« KW317KW357GE602SV772GE855Below formGE939Below formFW136Below form16GRINKOV S'Manga Khumalo 3g104A 58.016 12 8.70100.9333/150/1KW210KW262Below formKW315KW370KW440
KW364KW399KW415KW467KW508Below formDE7312MARVEL WILLIAM Sean Veale 3g92A 58.012 13 9.95101.1433/1125/1KW189DE31Below form
GE693SV776GE855SV33GE126GE147KW11310IMPOSING Diego De Gouveia 3g102A 58.010 14 13.45101.7250/1125/1GE597GE660GE705GE748GE791Below formGE842GE916 »
GE763GE882GE6FW1361FAMOUS AND RICH Calvin Habib 3g96A 58.01 15 16.70102.2625/150/1KW207KW262GE791GE842SV958Below formGE25GE101 »
KW334SV682SV776GE855GE895GE939KW1135COUNTDOWN Juan Paul V'D Merwe 3g100A 58.05 16 18.95102.6440/166/1KW194KW234KW260KW316Below formFW333KW413Below formSV812 »


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