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(GE696) INDEPENDENT ON SATURDAY DRILL HALL STAKES (Grade 2) (Horses at Weight-For-Age + Penalties)
Date: 2022-05-07 Time: 14:05
Type: Grade 2 Prize: R400000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« GE944Below formDE107KW177KW261KW316Below formKW360SV6587SILVER OPERATOR Richard Fourie 5g119A 57.07 1 -0.1582.418/16/1GE794Below formDE81KW131KW181
« GE797Below formDE90KW203KW222KW261KW291Below formKW316Below form3RUSSIAN ROCK Keagan De Melo 4g117A 57.03 2 0.1582.4425/28/1GE794Below formGE942Below formDE81Below formKW121Below formKW173
« TN912TN1023TN220TN299VR501TN583TN7292SMORGASBORD Gavin Lerena 3g110A 56.52 3 2.1582.7625/26/1SV778TN1059Below formGE940
« VR259Below formTN327TN385TN549Below formTN620TN707TN788Below form9CHIMICHURI RUN Calvin Habib 6h115A B57.09 4 3.3582.9520/140/1SV778Below formGE794Below formTN1059GE940
« GE873Below formGE951GE177GE225Below formSV501GE551Below formGE625Below form12PEARL OF ASIA Serino Moodley 5g119A B60.012 5 4.5583.1433/150/1SV778GE858Below formGE305
« KW263Below formKW304GE823Below formGE952KW235Below formKW293KW32114JET DARK S'Manga Khumalo 4c130A 60.014 6 4.6583.165/28/1GE794GE856GE942KW131
« GE726GE823GE952Below formDE107KW235KW293Below formKW361Below form10SEEKING THE STARS Anton Marcus 4c124A B58.510 7 5.4083.274/16/1 
« KW162KW202KW260KW293KW316FW318GE62513GOOD TRAVELLER Donovan Dillon 3g116A 58.013 8 6.4083.4414/125/1SV778Below formGE858GE940Below formKW139
« KW382GE726GE797GE871KW235KW293Below formKW32111LINEBACKER Grant Van Niekerk 4g126A 60.011 9 6.4583.454/16/1GE794GE856Below formGE942Below formKW181Below form
« VR259TN298Below formTN385GE364TN547Below formTN620Below formTN729Below form4IKIGAI Craig Zackey 5h110A B57.04 10 7.1583.5733/150/1TN1019SV118TN122Below formTN190
« TN630VR701TN846VR903VR140VR234TN298Below form5ELIUD Juan Paul V'D Merwe 4g112A 57.05 11 8.0583.7133/166/1TN1019
SV670GE54SV880GE81KW203KW235KW3191CAPTAIN FONTANE Warren Kennedy 4g105A 57.01 12 8.8083.8214/15/1SV96GE182SV360Below form
« SV815Below formGE873Below formGE951Below formGE225Below formTN385GE492Below formTN729Below form8ULTRA MAGNUS Muzi Yeni 6g116A 57.08 13 10.0084.0325/125/1SV778TN1059Below formTN81TN122Below formTN172TN188TN228
« TN748TN1087TN1139Below formTN91FW278FW309FW3496SEVEN PATRIOTS Kaidan Brewer 5g96A 57.0*1.56 14 45.0089.80100/150/1GE749GE860Below formSV908


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