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(KW260) CAPE GUINEAS (Grade 1) (For 3 year-old horses (1st Leg SA Triple Crown))
Date: 2021-12-18 Time: 16:10
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R750000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KW537KW45DE80KW146Below form8DOUBLE SUPERLATIVE Anton Marcus 3c101A 60.012 1 -1.2599.2910/110/1KW321KW362GE698Below form
KW368KW451DE515KW570KW146Below formKW2023POMP AND POWER Craig Bantam 3g109A 60.014 2 1.2599.5025/3100/7KW293KW362GE698GE759GE856KW139Below formKW181Below form »
KW344KW376SV744GE820DE107KW2024COSMIC HIGHWAYL Keagan De Melo 3c108A 60.011 3 2.5099.715/150/9KW361GE698Below formSV778DE81Below formKW271Below form
KW554KW49DE111KW1467ZAPATILLAS Luyolo Mxothwa 3c104A 60.013 4 2.8099.7625/210/1KW318GE698KW197KW243Below formKW272
KW450KW505KW543DE57DE98FW148KW20210NEVER ENDING RAIN Denis Schwarz 3g100A 60.02 5 4.0599.9725/1100/1KW318Below formKW362Below formGE608GE722Below formGE792FW523Below formFW50 »
KW594KW3KW146Below formKW2109UNIVERSAL Craig Zackey 3c101A 60.07 6 4.1099.9725/2100/7KW318KW362KW139Below formKW181KW241Below formKW272Below form
KW465KW507KW543DE90KW1465TRIP OF FORTUNE Aldo Domeyer 3c106A 60.08 7 5.10100.1410/34/1KW293KW361KW400Below formDE39DE81KW139KW181 »
KW1DE74DE113KW19512PACAYA Grant Van Niekerk 3c93A 60.010 8 6.10100.3110/150/9KW293KW318KW428Below formKW463KW253
« GE553GE791GE820GE870GE949Below formDE115KW1801WATERBERRY LANE Grant Behr 3c111A 60.06 9 6.60100.3991/2010/1GE608GE698GE759GE856KW112KW144Below formKW181Below form »
DE117Below formKW160KW182KW23015SURJAY Robert Khathi 3c81A 60.03 10 7.35100.52200/3125/1KW295KW323DE397KW420KW471KW513KW112 »
KW635KW49Below formKW146KW202Below form6XAVION Anthony Andrews 3c104A 60.016 11 8.60100.7220/1100/3KW318Below formTN941TN1019GE859
TN738VR832TN952TN1024TN133TN297TN349Below form16MARIGOLD HOTEL Greg Cheyne 3f107A 57.51 12 9.10100.8150/3100/3TN767TN835GE758TN221TN321VR359TN434 »
SV809DE112KW137KW19514MR MASTER STARTER Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3g86A 60.09 13 10.35101.0250/125/1KW312GE663GE743GE802GE893KW139KW197 »
« KW344KW383GE695GE757DE130FW148KW20213CHOLLIMA Morne Winnaar 3c92A 60.015 14 12.85101.4340/1125/1KW318KW345KW403KW428FW431GE792GE852 »
« GE595SV744SV813GE870GE949KW162KW2022GOOD TRAVELLER Richard Fourie 3g109A 60.05 15 14.10101.6410/150/7KW293KW316FW318GE625GE696Below formSV778Below formGE858 »
« GE800GE820GE870GE901DE130KW163KW20211BUSH TRACKER Ryan Munger 3g99A 60.04 16 15.10101.8140/1125/1KW294KW316Below formDE372Below formFW365SV679GE756GE802 »


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