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(GE915) ONLINE FORM GUIDE FM 65 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2021-07-19 Time: 15:55
Type: MR 65 HCP Prize: R60000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« GE668Below formGE684GE699GE718Below formGE755GE773GE86311STAR CHOICE Ashton Arries 4f61A B58.010 1 -2.5070.5850/917/2GE7GE43GE72GE91GE234GE344Below formGE375 »
« GE194GE349GE468GE551GE610GE664GE716Below form2NOT NOW PUSSYCATL Richard Fourie 5m56A 55.52 2 2.5070.9750/725/3GE112GE204Below formGE288GE407Below form
« GE308GE412GE506GE610Below formGE773GE847GE8631HARPER'S DREAM Sean Veale 3f58A 56.01 3 3.2071.07100/720/1GE22Below formGE43GE56GE204GE234GE288
« GE282Below formGE384ABelow formGE483GE583GE622GE664GE7009MARIA COROLINA Rachel Venniker 3f69A 61.5*4.08 4 3.6071.1350/95/1GE22GE77GE119GE283Below formGE330GE379Below form
« TN422TN530GE576GE667GE733GE789Below formSV8394DUNYAA (AUS) Serino Moodley 3f63A C58.54 5 4.0071.1950/750/7GE24GE64SV127GE189GE275SV324Below formGE407
« GE242GE322GE434Below formGE502GE621GE790GE84412RACHEL Tristan Godden 5m64A B59.511 6 4.2071.2250/920/3GE22GE112
« GE386ABelow formSV449GE504Below formGE579Below formGE630GE718GE79010MATADORA'S PARADE Keagan De Melo 4f63S 59.09 7 5.3071.3950/925/4GE162Below formGE204Below formGE231Below formGE288Below form
« GE485GE551GE579Below formGE668GE718Below formGE756Below formGE790Below form6SATARA Jarred Lee Samuel 5m48A 52.06 8 5.7071.4650/325/1SV919Below formFW67Below formFW110FW142FW181Below form
« GE347GE380AGE485Below formGE579GE668Below formGE756Below formGE7897ROYAL VIEW Jabu Jacobs 4f65A 60.0*1.57 9 10.1072.1450/310/1GE43Below form
« TN423VR827TN859VR945TN981VR986TN10433TALLADEGA Warren Kennedy 4f55A B55.03 10 10.7072.2450/991/20 
« GE576SV625GE702GE99GE327GE468GE8475ANIKA THE ANGEL Collen Storey 4f59A 57.05 11 11.2072.32100/350/1SV103GE176


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