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(FW557) RACING ASSOCIATION GRADUATION PLATE (Maidens,1 and 2 time winners)
Date: 2021-07-09 Time: 14:45
Type: Grad Plate Prize: R60000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« TN477TN530FW409FW455FW476FW524FW55011VIRTUOSA Mpumelelo Mjoka 4f72A B54.08 1 -0.75101.9850/1100/1FW591FW23Below formFW32FW78
« TN496TN526Below formTN575TN646Below formVR708FW435FW4823STORM COMMANDERL Stallone Naidoo 4g78A 60.07 2 0.75102.1217/217/2FW576Below formFW16FW88
« VR350FW315FW345FW386FW414FW452FW495Below form5GOLD ROCK Kendall Minnie 4g75A B59.54 3 1.00102.1650/325/2FW13FW60FW88
« FW45FW126FW217FW251FW271Below formFW386FW4524DANILO Charles Ndlovu 3g76A B60.03 4 1.50102.24100/7100/7FW590FW68
« KW171KW219KW356DE411KW488KW511KW5751SOMERSET MAUGHAM Francois Herholdt 3g102A 60.06 5 1.60102.251/45/9FW592
« KW203KW260KW309Below formDE396Below formFW426FW453FW5276MAGNUM FIRE Kyle Strydom 3g75A 57.0*1.51 6 2.35102.3820/150/3FW576FW57FW74
« KW148FW191KW272KW357Below formKW390KW460KW53910SH BOOM Keanen Steyn 3g77A 54.55 7 3.60102.5410/117/2FW92
FW474FW5237AL FALAK Yuzae Ramzan 3g72A 57.0*2.52 8 4.60102.6250/325/1FW583FW60Below form
« FW249FW279FW293FW328FW345FW427FW5338BOLD STRIKE Julius Mphanya 4g63A B57.010 9 6.85102.9525/140/1FW31FW86
« FW434FW249FW254FW270FW316Below formFW345FW3729LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Eldin Webber 5g60A B57.09 10 6.95102.98100/350/1FW590FW13


13 Jul 2021    07:39  - MrCadrey  

Upset result.

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