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(VR1042) NEXT VAAL RACEMEETING TUESDAY 22 JUNE CLASSIFIED STAKES (For horses with nett rating of 71 and below)
Date: 2021-06-10 Time: 16:40
Type: ? Stakes Prize: R70000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« VR15Below formVR41TN67VR100TN722VR758TN764Below form13LAST CHEER Nathan Klink 4f62A B55.5*0.09 1 -0.75121.1850/320/1TN1065VR1105Below form
« VR435VR513SV544GE566GE630TN933VR96511YOU DESERVE ITL Raymond Danielson 3f65 55.52 2 0.75121.3110/125/2TN1065
VR600TN670VR706TN765VR8539DIAMONDS N DOLLARS Lyle Hewitson 3f71A 57.51 3 1.25121.4025/72/1 
« VR464VR531VR572VR638Below formTN797Below formTN843VR9486BALL ROLLING Philasande Mxoli 4g64A B60.0*2.514 4 3.00121.70100/1310/1 
« VR151VR467VR533TN650TN764Below formTN820VR9482BLUE MOON CITY Craig Zackey 3g68A 60.015 5 3.15121.7210/1100/7TN1154
VR556Below formVR607VR651VR760VR853VR907VR96512OPERA GLASS Chase Maujean 3f64A B55.513 6 3.30121.75100/720/1VR1081VR1173
TN448TN790VR850TN897VR9483RAINY SEASON Ryan Munger 3g68A 60.06 7 4.30121.9220/310/1VR1081TN1154
« VR602TN626VR663VR685VR736Below formTN870TN8841LIGHT WITHOUT S'Manga Khumalo 3g69A B60.03 8 5.30122.09100/13100/7TN1056
« VR585Below formTN650TN722Below formVR758TN796Below formVR882Below formVR965Below form15RABIA THE REBEL Luke Ferraris 6m60A 55.54 9 6.05122.2225/125/2TN1065VR1081TN1124TN1153Below form
« TN505Below formVR611Below formVR662Below formTN762TN804VR882Below formVR965Below form14PERFECT PASSION Calvin Habib 4f61A 55.512 10 6.75122.3450/150/1 
« TN358TN504Below formVR534Below formVR587VR655TN764TN8724KOOL BAIKAL Gavin Lerena 4g67A 60.010 11 7.00122.39100/13100/7TN1064
« VR464Below formTN497VR531VR638TN872TN943Below formVR9748ATTENTIVE Muzi Yeni 4g63A 58.011 12 7.25122.4350/1100/3VR1103Below formTN1154TN1184
VR788VR880TN288VR585TN764VR99217WYLIE THE GREAT Hennie Greyling 4g60A 58.08 13 9.00122.73100/325/1VR1082TN1124
« TN172VR366Below formTN412Below formVR464Below formVR531VR584VR9485ELECTRA FLYING Cole Dicken 4g65A B60.0*1.516 14 10.25122.9540/150/1 
« VR443VR511Below formVR584Below formVR730TN764TN845VR974Below form16WESTERN DANCE Warren Kennedy 5m60A B55.57 15 11.25123.1250/350/3TN1055Below formTN1065Below formVR1103Below formTN1153Below form
« TN18Below formTN130VR318Below formVR374TN413Below formVR611VR72910WONDEROUS Denis Schwarz 3f71A B57.55 16 13.50123.5125/2100/3VR1081


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