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(SV835) Hollywoodbets BRIGHT FUTURE MR 89 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2021-06-16 Time: 16:30
Type: MR 89 HCP Prize: R80000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« GE310GE385ABelow formGE428Below formGE501Below formSV693GE728GE79914ANTIGONUS Serino Moodley 5g74A 52.514 1 -0.5068.3710/110/1GE908SV40
« GE310Below formGE387ASV461SV493GE592SV659GE7591MASHARI Keagan De Melo 6g78A B54.51 2 0.5068.4625/410/1GE76
« KW236KW279AKW313KW365GE667GE708GE7689GAYLEACTIC STARL Kyle Strydom 3f88A 58.5*1.59 3 4.8069.17100/725/2 
« GE500SV592Below formGE43AGE156SV493GE666SV7747GO MAN GO Ryan Munger 4g86A 58.57 4 5.8069.3425/425/3 
« GE24Below formGE369SV451Below formGE592GE666GE707GE75915DESOLATE ROAD Khanya Sakayi 5g80A B55.515 5 6.2069.4150/320/1GE8GE76
« SV29SV101GE181GE378ABelow formGE442SV517GE666Below form3LORD WYLIE Jabu Jacobs 3g83A 56.0*1.53 6 6.3569.43100/3100/3SV880Below formGE908Below formSV40GE76
SV585GE109GE409GE482GE5932GOODTIME GUY Warren Kennedy 3g88A 58.52 7 7.1569.5825/310/1GE906
« GE206GE266SV318GE370Below formGE571SV649Below formGE79210WAYWOOD Donald Geerthsen 7g93A 62.0*4.010 8 7.7569.67100/725/1SV40Below form
« VR432GE509SV542GE616Below formGE701GE729Below formSV7746QUATTRO PASSI Muzi Yeni 4g68A 52.06 9 9.0569.8920/150/3GE916GE8Below formGE24GE73Below formSV105
« VR400Below formVR486VR536Below formGE633Below formSV659Below formGE707Below formSV7818ODEN Kaidan Brewer 5g71A 52.0*4.08 10 9.1069.9025/120/1GE908GE27SV105Below form
« GE187GE310Below formGE344Below formGE425SV493GE592Below formSV68911DOUBLE ESPRESSO Lyle Hewitson 4g87A 59.011 11 9.3569.9425/320/1GE851Below form
« FW452Below formGE713FW57FW67Below formFW87FW116Below formSV78116HOOVES OF TROY Stuart Randolph 4g91A 61.016 12 10.5570.14100/325/1SV880GE28GE96
« GE706GE67GE239GE437GE525GE587SV65912DANDOLO Sean Veale 3g84A 56.512 13 10.7570.1810/150/3 
GE603SV669SV5GE155GE255GE359GE443Below form5ELUSIVE CURRENT Raymond Danielson 3f92A B60.55 14 11.1570.25100/750/3SV882Below formGE62Below form
« GE40SV92SV470GE266GE370SV457SV781Below form13WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL Jarred Lee Samuel 5g82A 56.513 15 12.9570.56100/3200/3 
« SV29GE112KW224KW281AKW305KW374SV7814HAIL COLUMBIA (IRE) Richard Fourie 4g84A 57.54 16 13.7070.7091/205/2SV40


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