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(VR534) COMPUTAFORM ONLINE CLASSIFIED STAKES (For horses with nett rating of 71 and below)
Date: 2021-01-12 Time: 14:05
Type: ? Stakes Prize: R70000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« TN206VR252TN360TN395Below formVR434VR460VR51112LIVERPOOL LEGEND S'Manga Khumalo 3f75A 53.57 1 -0.75125.39113/2021/4 
« VR236TN260TN322VR368VR419VR465TN5189SO LONG SPRING Jeffery Syster 6g63A 56.0*1.53 2 0.75125.5210/110/1 
« VR100Below formVR150VR235VR298VR376VR434TN4763AFRAAD Denis Schwarz 4g69A B60.05 3 1.00125.57113/2017/4 
« TN845TN983VR57TN172TN291TN358TN5048KOOL BAIKALL Muzi Yeni 4g64A 56.01 4 1.45125.6512/17/1 
« VR255Below formVR298Below formTN359VR368Below formVR434Below formVR460Below formVR4856RABIA THE REBEL Mpumelelo Mjoka 6m71A 57.56 5 1.50125.6610/111/1 
« TN50VR82VR733VR151TN260VR340VR467Below form10ZABARJAD (AUS) Craig Zackey 5g63A 56.02 6 3.00125.9310/111/1 
« VR76VR149Below formTN335Below formTN358TN427VR467Below formTN520Below form2OYSTER KING Cole Dicken 4g70A 60.0*1.58 7 4.00126.1014/116/1TN573
« TN691Below formTN763TN918TN4TN258TN359VR4677DICE THE BULLET Lyle Hewitson 4f70A 57.510 8 5.50126.374/117/4 
« VR40VR100TN157VR203Below formVR298Below formVR340VR4345CHEVRON Jason Gates 5g64A B58.09 9 5.60126.3922/125/1 
« TN114TN205TN224TN288VR366Below formVR442TN491Below form11CAPTAIN CUPID Nathan Klink 3c70A B54.0*0.04 10 12.00127.5322/133/1VR572
« TN226VR234Below formTN291Below formVR299Below formVR340TN358Below formVR434Below form4ROCKY PATH Piere Strydom 5g68A B60.011 11 18.00128.6017/211/1 


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