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(TN576) TAB TELEBET 0861 000 822 FM 88 HANDICAP (3 year old fillies) (3 year old fillies)
Date: 2021-01-23 Time: 14:00
Type: MR 88 HCP Prize: R85000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Inside
Distance: 1500m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN887GE687GE12TN304TN410VR509TN5151MAGICAL FLIGHT Lyle Hewitson 3f88A 60.06 1 -0.7592.2533/105/2VR656TN724TN775Below formTN819Below formSV691GE854SV15 »
TN451VR5106PHOENIX S'Manga Khumalo 3f80A 56.01 2 0.7592.3811/213/2TN676TN750VR811TN864Below formVR972TN1156
TN773TN915TN977TN134VR253TN2793TOTOL Callan Murray 3f86A 59.03 3 1.7592.5414/18/1TN632VR735VR1008VR1099
« VR499TN629TN932TN90TN212TN336VR4708ENTENTE Chase Maujean 3f78A 55.010 4 3.3592.8133/130/1VR659TN744TN864TN933TN999FW65
TN239VR269TN391VR4625PERFECT ANGEL Brian Nyawo 3f84A 58.07 5 4.0592.9315/216/1TN645VR710TN765VR905VR1033TN1054Below formFW589 »
« VR942VR37TN103VR163TN281VR446VR5454SWISS BANK Muzi Yeni 3f85A 58.54 6 4.5593.0111/217/2VR717VR854SV780GE907GE5GE46GE109Below form »
« VR908TN950TN979TN67Below formTN160VR221Below formTN4792SACRED LOTUS Craig Zackey 3f86A B59.09 7 5.3593.1415/211/1TN645TN819TN1182TN33GE109VR239
« VR147VR232VR269VR365VR435VR508TN5239MODE Jeffery Syster 3f78A 55.0*1.511 8 6.0593.2615/218/1VR659Below formVR710VR829VR853VR878VR138TN248
TN276TN379Below formTN4887ROHA Philasande Mxoli 3f79A 55.5*2.55 9 7.2593.4615/212/1VR1018TN1155TN32GE119
« GE709Below formVR219TN281Below formTN336VR462VR510VR54410AFTERNOON TEA Calvin Habib 3f77A B54.52 10 8.5093.6710/117/4VR664TN744TN795VR838VR877Below formTN934VR972 »
« TN918TN4VR75TN130VR191VR255VR51011TEQUILA Jarryd Penny 3f69A 52.08 11 10.0093.9233/140/1VR613TN676


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