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(KW204) DE GRENDEL CTS READY TO RUN STAKES (Non-Black Type) (For 3 year-olds)
Date: 2020-11-21 Time: 15:05
Type: (NBT) Prize: R1250000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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KW423KW458DE12Below formKW43KW1481SEEKING THE STARS Luyolo Mxothwa 3c112A B60.02 1 -5.5084.5433/209/10KW263Below formSV657GE726GE823GE952Below formDE107KW235 »
KW375KW418DE108Below formKW14911LEMON DELIGHTL Aldo Domeyer 3f101A 57.512 2 5.5085.4610/112/1KW247KW380Below formKW462KW525KW572KW615Below formTN350 »
« TN718GE644GE688GE710Below formGE69TN242TN2802WILLOW EXPRESS Luke Ferraris 3c95A 60.0*0.08 3 6.2585.5812/110/1KW263TN777TN802VR992GE854TN114VR256 »
KW1DE50DE112Below formKW1719BLINGKING Grant Van Niekerk 3c84A B60.011 4 7.7585.8325/130/1KW364DE406FW457FW510FW550FW576FW151Below form »
TN853VR232TN27914LA LUVIA Keagan De Melo 3f87A 57.56 5 7.8085.8440/155/1KW247KW314VR701TN742TN791VR1170TN300 »
KW478KW2KW30DE108KW15713SONIC BURST Greg Cheyne 3f89A 57.53 6 8.5585.9716/175/1KW270KW285KW315KW348KW389DE423KW551 »
DE397KW405KW432FW453FW497DE1334TARANTINO Richard Fourie 3g94A 60.07 7 10.3086.2612/117/2KW305KW343FW339KW527Below formFW564FW116GE306 »
KW413KW479KW447SPIRITUAL WIND Sandile Mbhele 3c89A 60.01 8 11.0586.3825/122/1KW237KW477KW502Below formMN84MN107MN228MN278 »
KW312TN772VR870TN46TN89TN183TN2805BOWIE Muzi Yeni 3g91A 60.015 9 11.1086.3912/122/1KW343TN753TN802TN869VR903VR947TN1121 »
KW477DE504Below formDE58Below formDE95DE120KW19116VARIETY BREEZE Oswald Noach 3f82A 57.55 10 11.3086.4240/1100/1KW236KW342DE416FW469FW560FW47Below formFW110 »
KW424KW459DE61DE116Below formKW149Below form12BALLROOM BLISS Joshwin Solomons 3f96A 57.5*2.54 11 11.7086.4920/128/1KW247KW293DE415Below formKW503Below formKW541KW30DE99Below form »
KW44DE74DE112KW16210TRIPPLE JET Craig Zackey 3g82A 60.014 12 12.1086.5615/275/1KW271KW367Below formKW461KW501KW560KW597Below form
SV77GE142GE21015CAPTAIN ARIANO Sean Veale 3f83A 57.510 13 12.3086.5940/175/1GE601GE667GE735Below formGE793SV882GE5Below formSV127 »
KW358VR249TN2808VOYEUR Anthony Andrews 3g86A 60.013 14 13.0586.7225/180/1VR1099VR1170VR1034TN1081
KW426KW3KW45DE86KW1656NORTHERN SONG Morne Winnaar 3c90A B60.016 15 14.0586.8814/130/1KW264KW294KW337KW372Below formFW378KW463Below formKW511Below form »
GE566GE634GE693FAST LOVE Anton Marcus 3g94A 60.09 16 19.3087.7610/110/1KW288KW337DE67DE114VR501TN580VR858 »


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