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(TN281) PEERMONT EMPERORS PALACE READY TO RUN CUP (Non-Black Type) Presented by BSA (For 3 year-olds)
Date: 2020-10-31 Time: 15:05
Type: (NBT) Prize: R900000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR11GE67TN1751MK'S PRIDE Warren Kennedy 3c96A 60.05 1 -0.0584.3710/153/20TN384TN502VR665TN726GE726SV815GE873 »
« TN673TN815TN853SV654TN24GE68TN20810WAR OF ATHENA S'Manga Khumalo 3f111A 57.512 2 0.0584.3811/429/20TN386TN501TN629TN724TN819GE796GE872
TN178VR1968FLYING CARPET Luke Ferraris 3c A 60.0*0.02 3 0.5084.4550/140/1TN384TN474TN502VR592TN673TN725TN820 »
« TN628VR708TN773TN815Below formSV654GE709Below formVR21911AFTERNOON TEA Aldo Domeyer 3f97A 57.51 4 7.0085.5414/110/1TN336VR462VR510VR544TN576VR664TN744 »
VR789TN889TN932TN24412MISS ELEGANCEL Piere Strydom 3f95A 57.511 5 9.2585.9125/128/1TN362VR417VR466TN629TN724TN868GE725
SV507Below formGE566GE644GE20GE1473GAVEL STRIKE Serino Moodley 3c84A B60.03 6 9.5085.9550/140/1GE420SV517GE591GE632GE711GE772SV841 »
« TN762VR789TN932TN980TN4VR215TN25817MYNAGE Diego De Gouveia 3f75A 57.59 7 10.2586.0825/150/1TN408TN451
TN862TN61TN1525THE KOP Craig Zackey 3c83A 60.04 8 15.0086.8750/125/1VR350TN674TN749TN820VR1006Below formTN1064TN7 »
SV74GE1936ABSOLUTIST Ashton Arries 3g82A 60.08 9 15.5086.9550/145/1MN84Below formMN136MN163MN205MN225
TN179TN2302SOMASONIC Lyle Hewitson 3g91A 60.015 10 15.6086.9710/117/2VR557VR653
VR924VR37TN171VR24816LADY OF THE FLAME Denis Schwarz 3f76A 57.56 11 16.5087.1250/145/1TN379TN841TN859TN954VR1014VR1070VR1132 »
TN673TN762VR942VR37TN103VR16313SWISS BANK Chase Maujean 3f81A 57.513 12 18.5087.4550/145/1VR446VR545TN576VR717VR854SV780GE907 »
DE389KW417DE485KW3DE83DE1024DESERT ILLUSION Grant Van Niekerk 3g83A 60.010 13 19.0087.5450/136/1MN26MN42MN98MN153MN204
« VR806TN851TN887TN932VR79VR121TN18415THE VILLA GRAND Muzi Yeni 3f77A 57.57 14 19.5087.6250/135/1VR444VR564Below formTN632Below formTN795Below formVR836Below formVR877VR976Below form
TN816TN914TN976VR196VR2317HARLEQUIN JACK Callan Murray 3g82A 60.014 15 25.0088.5422/128/1TN310FW267FW281FW354FW404FW482FW24


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