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(SV623) MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens)
Date: 2020-06-24 Time: 12:30
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R70000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
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Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« GE261SV295GE353SV393SV409SV491GE5665FOREST JUMPStuart Randolph3g72A 60.04 1 -5.8096.733/126/10 
GE28ASV4916COMMAND CONTROLDonovan Dillon3g A 60.05 2 5.8097.693/14/1 
SV106GE57SV84GE186Below form11YUKTA'S DANCEWarren Kennedy3g64A 60.010 3 6.1097.7410/117/2 
SV42SV444GE548GE56610TONIGHTSFIGHTNIGHTSean Veale3g66A B60.09 4 6.1597.766/177/20 
 2ANGELO'S FLAMEEric Saziso Ngwane3c A 60.02 5 6.4097.8120/155/1 
SV54GE5559FLYING PEKANSerino Moodley2c A 56.08 6 7.5097.9810/110/1 
GE104GE548GE5737THE GAULJabu Jacobs3g A 60.0*2.56 7 8.6098.163/121/4 
GE16Below formGE345SV410GE5308LINNBARAJason Gates3g51A 60.0*0.07 8 8.8598.2020/144/1 
« SV712SV109GE213SV375SV449GE528GE5571STRAIGHT SHOOTERCraig Zackey3g58A 60.01 9 12.0598.6920/144/1SV651
GE40A4APACHE FREENicholas Patel3g A B60.03 10 18.6599.7820/155/1 
SV67GE57413NHLANHLABilly Jacobson3g A B60.011 11 21.85100.3220/155/1 


26 Jun 2020    18:34  - Blaze  

The STIPES report is posted with courtesy of racing analyst John Sweet copied from the NHRA website Further information of John's racing analysis please contact him directly by whatsapp (+27) 076 380 0068

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26 Jun 2020    18:44  - Blaze  

THE STARTER REPORTED: a) ANGELO’S FLAME (E Ngwane), APACHE FREE (N Patel), LINNBARA (*J Gates) and FLYING PEKAN (S Moodley) lost one length, respectively. b) CRUSADE’S STAR (K de Melo) was fractious in the stalls, unloaded, examined by the Veterinary Surgeon and withdrawn. In deciding what action to take against this horse, the Board considered its non-history at the starting stalls. Accordingly, Trainer K Anthony was advised to re-school this gelding. THE STIPENDIARY STEWARDS REPORTED : a) At the 300m, ANGELO’S FLAME (E Ngwane) shifted out sharply. b) FOREST JUMP (S Randolph) was hanging out throughout. c) Jockey D Dillon (COMMAND CONTROL) dropped his crop at the 100m. d) Jockey B Jacobson reported that NHLANHLA (21.85 lengths) did not stride out freely post race. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine. e) FOREST JUMP (S Randolph), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer D Moore advised (TN).

JOCKEY / EQUIPMENT CHANGES : a) APACHE FREE raced equipped blinkers (advised 24.06.2020/07h38). b) NHLANHLA raced equipped with blinkers, alumites on and was ridden by Jockey B Jacobson. Reserve runner (advised 22.06.2020/11h36).


THE VETERINARY SURGEON REPORTED : a) NHLANHLA : Not striding out right fore.

SCRATCHINGS : a) SIX GUNS : Strained left fore fetlock (Trainer – 22.06.2020/11h31). Rule 53.5 applies. b) PONZI : Reserve runner. c) RED VISION : Reserve runner. d) ARTHUR SHELBY : Reserve runner. e) CRUSADE’S STAR : Injured in the stalls. Withdrawn by the Veterinary Surgeon at 12h31 and the betting was 55/1. Rule 53.5 applies.

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