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(GE637) WOOLAVINGTON 2000 (Grade 1) (For 3 year-old Fillies)
Date: 2020-06-28 Time: 14:50
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R325000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
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Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN1278TN244TN369TN634TN721TN8203SUMMER PUDDING Warren Kennedy 3f114A 60.03 1 -0.90126.5117/1029/20TN308
« KW572DE88KW143Below formKW182KW241KW299GE580Below form1DRIVING MISS DAISY Craig Zackey 3f115A 60.01 2 0.90126.6617/213/1GE712GE73KW207Below form
VR379VR505TN580TN719VR8012LADY OF STEEL Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3f111A 60.02 3 2.10126.8663/2043/20TN211Below form
« TN1124GE845GE898TN473Below formTN513TN634TN8206VICTORIA PAIGE Athandiwe Mgudlwa 3f112A 60.06 4 2.60126.9410/113/1GE73VR191TN282TN334
« TN298TN320Below formTN369TN474TN539TN634TN8204KEEP SMILING Eric Saziso Ngwane 3f102A 60.04 5 3.60127.1133/180/1GE73VR219Below formTN283Below form
« DE92KW150KW193KW241KW291KW335GE580Below form10KELPIE Anton Marcus 3f116A 60.010 6 4.00127.177/117/2GE693GE73KW180
KW51DE76DE111Below formKW166KW214Below formKW241GE580Below form9FOLLOW THE STAR Donovan Dillon 3f98A 60.09 7 4.30127.2316/116/1DE124KW173
KW27KW139KW196KW283GE580Below form15RATTLE MOUSE Gareth Wright 3f84A 60.011 8 4.70127.2936/140/1KW498KW174Below form
VR236TN278TN369TN513TN634Below formTN721TN8207MARYGOLD Stuart Randolph 3f112A C60.07 9 5.10127.3512/122/1VR349
« DE58DE90DE135Below formKW193KW249KW332GE580Below form5SOVEREIGN SECRET Keagan De Melo 3f95A 60.05 10 7.40127.7333/130/1KW500KW181KW215
« KW588KW10KW164KW193Below formKW268KW324GE58013LABYRINTH Sean Veale 3f101A B60.012 11 7.45127.7416/122/1 
« VR1140GE894TN148VR266VR508TN607VR799Below form14HEART STWINGS Tristan Godden 3f90A 60.013 12 9.35128.0633/180/1TN957VR14TN65VR202TN283
GE722GE896GE49GE161SV468SV510GE5808MARY O Serino Moodley 3f104A 60.08 13 10.85128.3116/136/1GE712GE289


29 Jun 2020    18:36  - Blaze  

THE STARTER REPORTED: a) LABYRINTH (S Veale) lost one length.

THE STIPENDIARY STEWARDS REPORTED : a) LADY OF STEEL (B Fayd’Herbe) was hanging out in the straight. b) DRIVING MISS DAISY (C Zackey) shifted out away from the crop in the concluding stages. c) Jockey W Kennedy signed an admission of guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2, read in conjunction with Guideline M, in that he struck the horse SUMMER PUDDING more than 12 times in entire race. In deciding what action to take against Jockey W Kennedy the Board considered the number of times (13) Jockey W Kennedy struck the horse SUMMER PUDDING, the distance over which and manner in which, Jockey W Kennedy used his crop, the fact that he won the race and his record (0) in relation to this Rule. Accordingly, a penalty of a R1000 was imposed. d) Inquiries will be opened into Jockey E Ngwane’s (KEEP SMILING) and Jockey A Marcus’s (KELPIE) crop use in this Race. e) SUMMER PUDDING (W Kennedy), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer P Peter advised (DA). JOCKEY / EQUIPMENT CHANGES : a) KEEP SMILING was ridden by Jockey E Ngwane (28.06.2020/11h20) and this filly raced with a compression mask (advised 28.06.2020/08h51). b) VICTORIA PAIGE was ridden by Jockey A Mgudlwa, raced with ear muffs and with a compression mask (advised 28.06.2020/09h04). c) RATTLE MOUSE was ridden by Jockey G Wright (advised 27.06.2020/18h15). RACE CARD CHANGES / OTHER : a) Nil.


SCRATCHINGS : a) POMANDER : No suitable Jockey (Trainer – 27.06.2020/07h48). b) ELECTRIC SURGE : Elevated temperature (Trainer – 25.06.2020/08h46). Rule 53.5 applies.

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