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(VR399) WSB GRAND HERITAGE 7 DECEMBER MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-12-03 Time: 13:30
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 16SEKHMETWarren Kennedy3f A 60.012 1 -0.0570.9915/43/1VR521VR598TN865
« VR1272VR12TN35TN108Below formTN245TN290TN3624MIDNIGHT TOPPiere Strydom4f66A 60.03 2 0.0571.0015/212/1VR434VR481VR521VR569Below formVR589VR615Below formVR688 »
VR1272VR38VR179VR2296ST JOSEPH'S LILY (ZIM)Chase Maujean4f63A 60.010 3 1.0071.1514/130/1VR481Below formVR529VR641VR681Below formVR826VR897
 14OLIVIALuke Ferraris3f A 60.0*0.09 4 1.0571.1615/211/1VR480TN552VR881
 10IZZE KLOTHMarco V'Rensburg3f A 60.05 5 2.2571.3515/222/1VR529VR571Below formVR808TN844
 8ANNE BOLEYNMathew Thackeray3f A 60.013 6 3.0071.4714/140/1VR434VR505VR568TN583VR810VR901
SV1AGE4613MILFORD SOUNDDiego De Gouveia3f A 60.06 7 3.2571.5120/140/1TN441TN510TN604Below formTN646
VR2TN73TN163VR207Below formVR250VR3555BRIDESMAID BLUESCraig Bantam3f65A 60.08 8 3.7571.5920/150/1TN489FW285FW302FW319FW391FW430Below form
VR1055VR31112LITTLE RAINRyan Munger3f A 60.011 9 6.0071.9625/111/2TN488VR547VR681VR803
VR854VR1015VR1194VR1261VR310VR3563CAPETOWN DREAMKarl Zechner3f66A 60.02 10 6.2572.0033/130/1TN452VR527TN654
TN1359CUT LOOSEGavin Lerena3f A 60.016 11 7.7572.2433/102/1SV319
VR38TN172VR264VR3562PASCHALS SAMORETejash Juglall3f68A 60.0*2.515 12 8.5072.3620/133/1TN452VR562VR613VR665TN774TN858
 7ANATURAS'Manga Khumalo3f A 60.01 13 9.0072.4410/130/1VR434VR460VR563TN579VR684TN780VR804 »
 11KAYLEXDenis Schwarz3f A 60.0*0.07 14 16.0073.5733/175/1VR527VR573TN604FW334FW352FW385
TN17215RIGHT ROUNDMark Khan4f A 60.014 15 23.0074.7033/1100/1VR529
VR22917CALVINAPhilasande Mxoli3f S B60.0*4.04 16 33.0076.3140/1100/1 


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