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(VR379) KIDDIES CARNIVAL 30 NOVEMBER MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-11-28 Time: 13:40
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 11LADY OF STEELGavin Lerena3f A 59.08 1 -2.0069.2523/426/10VR505TN580TN719VR801GE637
« GE335SV419GE474SV530GE550GE639GE7231ALLEZ LES BLEU (AUS)Mark Khan4f67A 60.05 2 2.0069.5712/1113/20TN471VR547VR641VR729
 12MACULATEDiego De Gouveia3f A 59.07 3 5.0070.0620/125/1TN441VR562VR730TN783Below formVR908
 14PATH TO THE STARSPiere Strydom3f A 59.09 4 6.7570.347/173/20VR434GE425VR804TN858
VR31118DIFFERENTIATESherman Brown3f A 59.01 5 6.8070.3533/150/1VR434TN488VR562
« TN76TN108TN137VR205VR249VR281VR3286CONSTANTIADenis Schwarz3f71a B59.0*0.03 6 8.2570.5812/110/1GE401SV493GE533SV596
 10ISLAND MISTRESSMpumelelo Mjoka3f A 59.011 7 9.2570.7425/125/1VR434VR480VR656VR730TN780TN918
VR31117MAGIC MILAWarren Kennedy3f A 59.04 8 10.0070.8625/120/1VR432TN510VR593VR703TN748Below formTN820Below formVR884
VR1228TN101VR247VR3097SASSKIATejash Juglall3f67A 59.0*2.52 9 10.2570.9012/18/1TN472TN510VR623TN715GE571
VR986VR1081TN11865SWEET CHARIOTChase Maujean3f75A 59.06 10 12.5071.2714/18/1VR434TN510VR576
VR24715TIGER SUMMITCollen Storey3f A 59.010 11 15.2571.7133/150/1 


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