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(VR373) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens)
Date: 2019-11-26 Time: 14:45
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« VR1107GE834SV854VR1VR72TN119GE2213TOUCH OF FATES'Manga Khumalo3g79 59.010 1 -0.9057.452/149/20TN446TN493Below formTN560Below formVR591VR625Below formVR657Below formVR758 »
VR86311PACIFIC WINTERRyan Munger3c A 59.05 2 0.9057.6012/16/1VR836
VR32713VALETORIOCraig Zackey3g A 59.03 3 3.2557.9711/210/1VR461TN514VR592VR661Below formTN785
« VR1VR37TN100VR230Below formVR246TN289VR3274TITELISTJarryd Penny3g75A 59.07 4 3.5058.0113/217/2TN470Below formTN509VR572Below formVR612Below formVR728VR809Below formTN859Below form »
« VR614VR1107VR1193VR1262VR72TN120Below formVR1802PURE WISDOMCole Dicken5g61A B60.0*2.59 5 5.2558.3016/140/1TN470VR528VR570Below formTN674Below form
« SV853VR1VR72TN120VR153VR230GE189Below form5LIVE BY NIGHTCallan Murray3g73 P59.013 6 5.5058.3410/116/1TN470VR528VR621Below formTN674Below formVR728
VR1067VR1106VR1243VR10TN55TN1897AMAZING TUNEKabelo Matsunyane3g69A 59.0*0.015 7 8.0058.7440/110/1VR572TN647VR683FW409FW418FW450Below form
VR1243VR1TN28TN47TN144TN22117KWIKSTIXSherman Brown3g58a B59.016 8 10.2559.1018/135/1VR398KY138KY146Below formKY156Below formKY192
VR985VR1089VR1131VR180TN212Below form6UNTAMED TIGERKarl Zechner3g73A 59.02 9 11.0059.2216/18/1VR398TN470VR502Below formVR546VR561Below formVR622VR655 »
 12SPANISH BALLADDenis Schwarz3c A 59.0*0.04 10 12.0059.3925/160/1VR520VR546VR622VR682TN782
 9ARCTIC SUNRISEWarren Kennedy3g  59.01 11 13.0059.5514/133/1TN470TN509
VR30915BELLS AT SEVENPhilasande Mxoli3f A 56.5*4.08 12 14.7559.8340/166/1 
« TN971TN1033VR1072TN1126VR248VR280VR3281THE RUSSIAN SAILORTejash Juglall4g62a 60.0*2.512 13 15.0059.8716/140/1KY183
VR83VR154TN2128METRICMathew Thackeray3g63A 59.06 14 16.2560.0740/130/1TN553VR619VR701
VR32716ETHEL ROSEJeffery Syster3f  56.5*4.014 15 17.5060.2713/212/1TN471VR529VR571Below formVR620TN674VR729VR807
TN254TN288VR35310DON PELAYOHennie Greyling3g A 59.011 16 19.2560.5566/160/1TN578


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