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(VR330) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens)
Date: 2019-11-14 Time: 14:50
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN1279TN100VR154TN228VR2836OUR MAN IN HAVANAPiere Strydom3c84A B57.09 1 -3.50109.8257/2018/10VR567TN653Below formTN747VR829VR910Below form
VR1227VR10TN254TN272Below formTN2919CHRISTOPHER ROBINCole Dicken3c69A B57.0*2.514 2 3.50110.4250/1100/1TN348VR439TN453TN491TN511VR567Below formVR601 »
TN99TN144GE126VR251VR2838ARNICA MONTANACallan Murray3g74A B57.010 3 4.25110.5512/112/1TN818
« VR534TN744TN821VR921TN975VR1160TN12373VETRI VELTejash Juglall4g66A 60.0*2.516 4 4.75110.6420/144/1VR469TN818VR905
TN18914BANHA BRIDGEGavin Lerena3c A 57.03 5 8.75111.3357/2073/20TN538VR601TN747
VR525VR978VR1006VR1081TN1255TN213Below formTN29110MOONLIGHTSTRANGERKarl Zechner3g69A B57.015 6 9.75111.5050/1100/1TN388TN578VR731Below form
TN1259VR2805MY KINGDOMMark Khan4g A 60.018 7 11.25111.7612/133/1VR374KY192
« TN763TN804VR921TN1237TN30TN121TN1702MAROON BELLSChase Maujean4g66a B60.011 8 11.50111.8020/144/1TN388VR462Below formTN538VR575VR731VR910
TN1234VR39Below formTN144TN170VR28311OPENING GAMBITMuzi Yeni3c69A B57.07 9 12.25111.9366/1100/1VR432VR479TN490VR501VR561Below formVR602VR638 »
« TN1191TN1237VR1265VR85Below formTN170TN228VR283Below form1TURF MASTERCollen Storey4g67A B60.05 10 13.25112.1020/130/1VR352Below formVR462TN605Below formVR712VR754VR791Below form
 17CAPE PARADESherman Brown3g A 57.04 11 16.75112.7125/170/1 
VR1131VR83VR154VR2707FIRE TO THE REINMarco V'Rensburg3g81A 57.019 12 17.00112.7511/213/1VR469Below formVR479ZE67ZE86ZE91ZE100ZE108 »
 18GEOFFREY PALACEDiego De Gouveia3c A 57.020 13 18.00112.9225/160/1TN497KY192KY200FW434
VR935VR1041VR1161VR1246VR67TN144TN2284TIKI TAKADenis Schwarz4c64A 60.0*0.017 14 20.50113.3525/160/1VR619TN716
VR1066TN1101TN1187VR28012LUKE'S LEGACYDylan Lerena3g59A B57.0*0.08 15 23.00113.7950/180/1VR432TN490VR575FW311FW351FW435
 13AJAADCraig Zackey3g A 57.01 16 38.25116.4112/122/1 
 19THE SANDWICH MANWarren Kennedy3c A 57.012 17 38.75116.5013/225/1VR594VR701VR731
SV9415BLACK MOUNTAINJarryd Penny3g A 57.02 18 99999.9925/160/1 
VR39TN21320THUNDERJETS'Manga Khumalo3g A 57.013 19 99999.9910/17/1VR520TN856
VR1016BUZZARD CREEKBrian Nyawo3c A B57.06 20 99999.9966/1100/1 


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