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(TN293) EMPERORS PALACE READY TO RUN CUP (Non-Black Type) Brought to you by Bloodstock SA (For 3 year-olds)
Date: 2019-11-02 Time: 16:17
Type: RTR Cup Prize: R1000000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: S/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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VR1105GE833GE896TN96TN217Below form7SPIRITOFTHEGROOVE Marco V'Rensburg 3f107A 57.513 1 -2.2585.902/19/2TN369TN475TN513TN634TN695SV600GE635 »
TN944SV742TN98TN1738GAIAN GLORY Denis Schwarz 3f99A 57.5*0.010 2 2.2586.307/23/1TN514TN721TN894VR349TN554TN743TN801 »
TN1048TN1186TN60TN142TN21912JUST KIDDING Piere Strydom 3f84A 57.54 3 3.7586.5716/115/2TN513VR661TN721Below formTN820VR884GE694TN91 »
FW516FW529FW560FW589FW37FW8710BLUSHING BRIDE Wayne Agrella 3f86A 57.58 4 5.0086.7920/115/1FW201FW259FW307Below formFW364FW380Below formFW411FW447 »
« TN995VR1064VR1090TN1149TN1219TN142TN220Below form13ANNATJIE Muzi Yeni 3f81A B57.511 5 7.2587.1933/128/1VR508TN554VR670
FW499FW524FW561FW12111HER EMINENCE Collen Storey 3f84a 57.53 6 7.3087.2025/150/1FW439FW464
VR1114VR1175VR1229TN2543BLUE SPARK Callan Murray 3c85A 60.07 7 7.7587.2820/140/1VR501TN553TN857VR961Below formTN448VR482VR559 »
« TN1033VR1081TN1123TN55TN116Below formTN189Below formTN2284FOLLOW MY PATH Sean Veale 3c80A 60.015 8 9.7587.6440/175/1VR469VR564Below formTN609VR661TN722VR813TN848 »
TN1152TN126TN22215THANDEKHILE Craig Zackey 3f78A 57.512 9 10.5087.7840/130/1TN386TN452VR622VR803TN25TN212TN261 »
TN836TN2376PINCH POT Warren Kennedy 3g A 60.014 10 12.7588.1825/140/1FW254FW288FW336GE721GE22
« TN873TN996VR1157VR1226TN104TN167VR2319SEEMYVISION Ryan Munger 3f93A B57.51 11 13.2588.2712/113/1VR404VR506VR596VR710VR168Below formTN247VR301 »
SV670GE747GE995AFRICADIA Raymond Danielson 3g79A 60.02 12 21.0089.6525/128/1 
GE756GE833SV11GE50TN23914BLONDE BABE Chase Maujean 3f79A 57.55 13 26.0090.5433/150/1TN350VR505VR614SV496FW410FW464FW481 »
« TN1124TN1225VR1245KY2TN58VR156TN22016BLACK TIE Karl Zechner 3f76A B57.59 14 29.0091.0833/144/1TN351
SV524GE588SV706GE776GE833GE899GE187Below form1ENJOY THE VIEW Luke Ferraris 3g97A 60.0*0.06 15 38.0092.6912/19/1SV397SV469Below formGE545GE713SV27GE273GE344 »
TN968TN1187TN95TN1762BOHICA S'Manga Khumalo 3c94A 60.016 16 99999.996/115/2TN346TN585TN635VR712Below formTN776VR875TN919 »


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