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(FW158) ALL TO COME MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens)
Date: 2019-11-08 Time: 13:05
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R60000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
FW43FW93Below form12WICKED GRINM J Byleveld3c A 59.08 1 -3.0070.6411/24/1FW208FW257FW367Below form
KW2KW42DE10714GOOD TIMES ROLLJulius Mphanya3f74A 56.5*2.57 2 3.0071.1012/113/1FW173FW182FW198FW238FW245FW262Below formFW279 »
« FW562FW576FW591FW27FW76FW93Below formFW116Below form5ANDREAGreg Cheyne3g71A B59.04 3 4.2571.306/133/4FW190FW238Below formFW261FW317FW343
 10ORIENTAL WORLDChase Maujean3c A 59.03 4 4.5071.3620/133/1FW205Below formFW222
FW507FW576FW9FW1162COVE FORTBernard Fayd'Herbe3c73A B59.02 5 5.0071.426/129/4FW181FW214FW252
FW108Below formFW12511QUARARI'S VALENTYNKeanen Steyn3c A 59.05 6 6.2571.5940/166/1FW167VR528VR572VR594TN782
VR893TN994VR1057VR1543DADS ROOTSCharles Ndlovu3g73A 59.010 7 6.3071.6012/120/1FW181FW205FW292FW357
FW458FW505FW518FW584FW43FW1087LE WARRIORWayne Agrella3g67A 59.013 8 6.5571.646/19/1FW181FW213FW231FW261FW286Below form
FW1FW76FW1088THOMAS TUCKERLuyolo Mxothwa3g64A 59.011 9 6.6071.657/113/1FW190FW222FW261FW322FW367FW383
KW437DE82DE1089TIME FOR LAUNCHMuzi Yeni3c59A B59.06 10 9.6072.107/15/1FW181FW270FW277
FW433FW460FW576FW27Below formFW456BUZZ WORDCollen Storey3g70A 59.01 11 10.8572.307/110/1FW174Below formFW199FW247FW281FW304
« FW73FW113FW121FW170FW194FW100FW12413STAVROS CHRISTOSRyan Munger6m44A 57.512 12 12.6072.5833/166/1FW245FW269FW285FW334FW352FW370Below formFW384
« FW491FW518FW585FW35FW68FW76FW1251ST PATRICK'S FLAMEEldin Webber5g50A 60.09 13 15.8573.0720/136/1FW205FW238FW261FW271FW317Below formFW328FW368
FW68FW93FW1164FORBIDDEN AFFAIRTeaque Gould3g72A 59.014 14 15.9573.0915/216/1FW271FW317FW350FW377


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