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(KW280) INTERBET.CO.ZA 0861 150 160 PINNACLE STAKES (Open to all horses)
Date: 2018-12-29 Time: 16:45
Type: Pin Stks Prize: R120000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« KW345KW406GE704GE848GE910KW187KW2519PACIFIC TRADER Greg Cheyne 4G104A 60.04 1 -2.0057.788/18/1KW332TN1002DE87KW297KW334Below formKW411KW243Below form »
« DE121KW243KW374GE637SV757DE116KW2084KASIMIR Richard Fourie 4G111A 61.57 2 2.0058.1033/1015/4KW332KW362GE797GE901KW297Below formKW334KW362 »
« KW209KW280KW349KW376SV687SV757KW2081BOLD RESPECT Corne Orffer 4G118A 61.59 3 2.7558.2233/1015/4KW332KW362SV745GE797GE901KW152KW297 »
« GE952KW168KW244KW350KW149KW208KW2517SEARCH PARTY Donovan Dillon 6G106A 60.02 4 3.1558.2914/122/1KW332KW362TN1002SV745GE797GE901DE95 »
« TN800TN940TN1013SV757GE791TN1194GE9065TRIP TO HEAVEN Lyle Hewitson 7G111A 61.53 5 3.3558.3210/115/1KW332KW362TN825TN904TN1002SV745TN1221
« TN1013SV757TN1194GE906TN227TN306VR37010ROCKY VALLEY Craig Zackey 5G103A B58.56 6 4.6058.5228/144/1KW332TN710
« KW376TN940TN1013SV757GE809GE906KW2083ATTENBOROUGH Keagan De Melo 5G114A B61.512 7 5.6058.6814/115/1KW332KW362TN904TN1002SV745GE842GE905 »
« VR950TN1013SV757GE786GE906KW189KW2516SPEEDPOINT Oswald Noach 4C109A B61.513 8 6.3558.8012/116/1KW332KW362TN904TN1002GE621GE705Below formGE71Below form »
« SV116GE178SV488GE563SV816GE906KW24313VISION TO KILL Grant Behr 5M102A 55.011 9 6.8558.8835/150/1SV480GE541SV619GE702SV744GE835GE901
« KW350KW376GE636TN1013SV753GE848KW2082SERGEANT HARDY Aldo Domeyer 5G117A 61.510 10 7.3558.976/171/10KW332KW362DE110KW152KW201
« KW567KW602KW677KW21DE63KW149FW20812OLYMPIAN Sandile Mbhele 7G97A B57.0*1.58 11 7.5559.0035/166/1FW362
SV765SV823KW207KW349KW374GE637KW1898SAND AND SEA Anton Marcus 4G105A 60.01 12 7.7559.037/27/2KW332KW362GE699GE797SV86GE154
« KW376FW331FW384FW453FW469KW208KW25111BRUTAL FORCE Sean Veale 7G100A B58.55 13 9.0059.2340/175/1KW325


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