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(GE191) PALLIATIVE CARE FM 68 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2018-10-19 Time: 19:55
Type: FM 68 HCP Prize: R82000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1900m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« GE354SV438SV535GE586GE913GE59AGE1299PLAYLISTGareth Wright4F62A 56.01 1 -0.50115.9018/128/1GE264GE350GE466GE562GE77SV421
« GE680GE714GE749GE811GE888GE62AGE1416EXPRESSO MARTINILuke Ferraris5M63A B57.5*0.012 2 0.50115.99113/2031/4GE264GE340SV422GE513GE562GE624GE829 »
« SV896GE547GE630GE713GE888SV70SV1122IDEAL DUELSean Veale5M66A B59.06 3 0.60116.004/131/4GE308GE374GE466GE562GE624SV708GE804 »
GE19GE632SV751GE851GE62A3RED ALWarren Kennedy3F82A 58.04 4 1.10116.094/171/20GE315GE374GE513TN877SV771GE108SV14 »
« GE570GE630GE682SV732GE888GE32ASV1121INTO THE GROOVEStuart Randolph5M70A C61.02 5 1.15116.10113/209/1GE264GE374GE460GE553GE645GE729SV789 »
« DE447DE480KW552KW587KW601KW661KW225CHESTNUT'S CHARMAnton Marcus4F65A B57.59 6 1.65116.1826/1010/3GE264GE349SV423GE562SV708SV771SV865 »
« GE570GE681GE713GE800GE888GE62AGE14112PEGGY'S DREAMKhanya Sakayi5M57A C54.5*1.55 7 2.15116.279/16/1GE232
« GE427GE477GE570GE630GE32AGE87GE1258TANAMIMark Khan5M61A 56.510 8 2.30116.3013/19/1GE264GE350GE439SV506
GE191GE39SV779GE881GE17AGE62AGE14111BOLD BEAUTYEric Saziso Ngwane4F60A 55.011 9 3.30116.4718/128/1GE264GE350GE496GE643GE735GE805GE48Below form »
« GE171GE284GE356GE516GE645GE56AGE1257RIVERBOAT QUEENJabu Jacobs5M63A B57.5*4.03 10 3.35116.4820/128/1 
SV464SV534GE582SV696SV784SV44SV1124PURPLE AND GOLDDonovan Dillon4F66A 58.08 11 4.10116.6120/144/1GE231GE356SV422SV506GE587GE644GE667 »
« GE205GE251SV324SV408SV469GE889GE62A10MISS FERRISJarred Lee Samuel5M59A C55.57 12 10.35117.6825/144/1 


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