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Venue: Borrowdale
Date: Friday, 27 January 2023
R#  TimeSurfaceTypeRace Info
1Card ACard B12:25TurfMR 60 HCPMERIT RATED 60 HANDICAP ((Open))
2Card ACard B13:00TurfMR 65 HCPMERIT RATED 65 HANDICAP ((Open))
3Card ACard B13:35TurfMR 70 HCPMERIT RATED 70 HANDICAP ((Open))
4Card ACard B14:10TurfMR 80 HCPMERIT RATED 80 HANDICAP ((Open))
5Card ACard B14:50TurfMR 80 HCPMERIT RATED 80 HANDICAP ((Open))
6Card ACard B15:20TurfGuin TrialGUINEAS TRIAL ((3 year olds))
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