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WSB SUMMER CUP 28 NOVEMBER CLASSIFIED STAKES ((For horses with nett rating of 75 and below))
Date: 2020-11-24 Time: 16:00
Type: ? Stakes Prize: R70000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Grid info:
Grid width:
Previous Races No Horse    MRASEquipWghDr TrainerJockey
TN772VR878TN45VR144VR2971FUNKY MUSIC863gA6010Ashley FortuneCalvin Habib
TN914TN949TN19VR122TN172TN2252FSQUADRON803gA583Dorrie ShamPiere Strydom
« TN108VR150VR194VR236VR252Below formVR298VR350Below form3IN THE GAME656hA581Brett WebberDenis Schwarz
« VR100Below formTN131Below formTN173Below formVR235VR255Below formVR298Below formTN3594RABIA THE REBEL716mA57.513Brett WebberHennie Greyling
« TN938VR101TN160Below formTN186VR236VR252VR3505FLY NORTH656mA B55.54Barend BotesChase Maujean
« TN958TN6VR58VR83VR166VR203TN2916ARTISAN574gA B548Joe SomaCollen Storey
« VR912VR991TN26VR39Below formTN108Below formVR235VR2567BOUNCING TIGGER574gA549Corne SpiesCraig Zackey
« VR357Below formTN395VR567VR733Below formTN846TN108VR2528LAINSBERG BLUE517gA547Sean TarryLyle Hewitson
« TN556VR713Below formVR792Below formVR201Below formVR236TN260TN3229SO LONG SPRING506gA545Tyrone ZackeyPhilasande Mxoli-2.5
« TN22Below formVR41TN109Below formVR167VR203VR256Below formTN29010PUCKER UP625mA53.511Brett WebberS'Manga Khumalo
« VR41Below formTN109Below formTN131Below formVR167Below formVR203VR255TN359Below form11PLUM FIELD615mA53.56David NieuwenhuizenWarren Kennedy
« VR964Below formVR15Below formVR41Below formVR167Below formVR236VR256VR350Below form12PASSION PEACH606mA53.52Barend BotesMuzi Yeni
« VR41Below formVR101Below formTN160Below formVR194Below formVR255Below formVR298TN35913PICCADILLY SQUARE556mA51.512Brett WebberNathan Klink


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