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Venue: Mauritius
Date: Sunday, 18 October 2020
[Collapse] Akash Aucharuz
 3 THE RIDDLER 1 10:501650mF Div Cls62 Shyam Hurchund
 5 HIGH KEY 2 11:251600mF Div Cls63 Shirish Narang
 4 GORDONSTOUN 3 12:001365mF Div Cls61 Shirish Narang
 6 UNCLE FRANK 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+62 Nagadoo
 4 DOLLAR TRACTOR 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+63 Shirish Narang
 6 ARABIAN AIR 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+54 Jean Michel Henry
 8 ZIGI ZAGI ZUGI 8 15:001400mF Div Cls66 Shirish Narang
[Collapse] Beelal Deenath
 4 GLITTERROCK 1 10:501650mF Div Cls68-4.0Amar Sewdyal
 7 ARTAX 2 11:251600mF Div Cls66-4.0Amar Sewdyal
 8 EL PATRON 7 14:20990mF Div Cls66-4.0Amar Sewdyal
[Collapse] Bernard Fayd'Herbe
 6 JET PATH 2 11:251600mF Div Cls69 Vincent Allet
 1 CHARLESTON HERO 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+63 Vincent Allet
 2 ELUSIVE PATH 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+56 Vincent Allet
 2 KU DU TU 7 14:20990mF Div Cls63 Vincent Allet
 3 KING OF TARA 8 15:001400mF Div Cls69 Vincent Allet
[Collapse] Cedric Segeon
 6 SIR CAPERS 1 10:501650mF Div Cls66 Patrick Mervens
 9 STAR OF ZEUS (AUS) 2 11:251600mF Div Cls68 Patrick Mervens
 1 BLOW IN THE BOX 8 15:001400mF Div Cls67 Patrick Mervens
[Collapse] Corne Orffer
 8 LADY'S KNIGHT 1 10:501650mF Div Cls65 Ricky Maingard
 2 MR GREEN STREET 2 11:251600mF Div Cls64 Ricky Maingard
 1 DUKE OF YORK 3 12:001365mF Div Cls67 Ricky Maingard
 3 IDEAL SECRET 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+53 Ricky Maingard
 4 TRAVELIN MAN 7 14:20990mF Div Cls61 Ricky Maingard
 10 SILVER HERITAGE 8 15:001400mF Div Cls68 Ricky Maingard
[Collapse] Dhoorgesh Bheekary
 6 TORO BRAVO 7 14:20990mF Div Cls68 Shirish Narang
[Collapse] Dinesh Sooful
 7 DAREDEVIL AVIATOR 1 10:501650mF Div Cls63 Jean Michel Henry
 5 KING'S STORY 3 12:001365mF Div Cls66 Jean Michel Henry
 5 EIGHT CITIES 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+61 Vincent Allet
 7 WORDBUSTER 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+66 Vincent Allet
 5 BIG MISTAKE 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+58 Shyam Hurchund
 3 MARULA 7 14:20990mF Div Cls64 Jean Michel Henry
[Collapse] Imran Chisty
 5 LUCKY AT LAST 1 10:501650mF Div Cls61 C Daby
 4 EMAAR (AUS) 2 11:251600mF Div Cls67 C Daby
 7 GREATFIVEEIGHT 3 12:001365mF Div Cls63 C Daby
 4 DREAMFOREST 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+67 C Daby
 9 ROLL OF DRUMS 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+59 C Daby
 1 OCEAN DRIVE SOUTH 7 14:20990mF Div Cls62 C Daby
 6 THE RIGHT STUFF 8 15:001400mF Div Cls62 C Daby
[Collapse] Kevin Ghunowa
 5 ARCTIC FLYER 7 14:20990mF Div Cls65 Nagadoo
 7 VISION OF TRUST 8 15:001400mF Div Cls64 Nagadoo
[Collapse] Kevin Kalychurun
 6 VIKING TRAIL 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+61 Simon Jones
 5 NAO FAZ MAL 8 15:001400mF Div Cls610 Ram Gujadhur
[Collapse] Nishal Teeha
 3 GUNSTON 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+67 Shyam Hurchund
[Collapse] Nooresh Juglall
 8 SENOR'S GUEST 2 11:251600mF Div Cls61 Gilbert Rousset
 2 JALS TIGER 3 12:001365mF Div Cls62 Gilbert Rousset
 2 CYBER SPECIAL 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+64 Gilbert Rousset
 2 RED LINE CAPTAIN 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+62 Gilbert Rousset
 4 TOWER OF WISDOM 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+52 Gilbert Rousset
[Collapse] Rakesh Bhaugeerothee
 1 HUBBLE 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+64 Simon Jones
 1 PALACE CHAPEL 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+51 Simon Jones
[Collapse] Rye Joorawon
 2 FLOWERSCAPE 1 10:501650mF Div Cls64 Ram Gujadhur
 3 SIBERIAN HUSKY 2 11:251600mF Div Cls65 C Ramdin
 6 LOOSEN YOUR TIE 3 12:001365mF Div Cls65 Jean Michel Henry
 7 KAMADEVA 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+55 Ram Gujadhur
 7 TROJAN QUEST 7 14:20990mF Div Cls67 Jean Michel Henry
 4 SUPREME ORATOR 8 15:001400mF Div Cls65 C Ramdin
[Collapse] Sunil Bussunt
 1 EAGLES VISION 1 10:501650mF Div Cls67 Nagadoo
 1 DECLARATOR 2 11:251600mF Div Cls62 Ram Gujadhur
 3 WHAT A KID 3 12:001365mF Div Cls64 Ram Gujadhur
 3 THE GREY CRUSADER 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+66 Ram Gujadhur
 2 DIVINE CONNECTION 8 15:001400mF Div Cls61 Jean Michel Henry
[Collapse] Swapneel Rama
 7 CONFESSIONAL 4 12:351850mE/F Div Cls5+65 R Gujadhur
 5 YANKEEDOODLEDANDY 5 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+65 R Gujadhur
 8 MARAUDING 6 13:451450mD/E Div Cls4+57 R Gujadhur
 9 ROMANUS 8 15:001400mF Div Cls63 R Gujadhur
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