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Venue: Mauritius
Date: Saturday, 01 August 2020
[Collapse] Alvinio Roy
 3 FAIRBANKS 1 10:151500mG Div Cls74-3.0Vincent Allet
 4 PROMISSORY 3 11:251400mF Div Cls61-3.0Vincent Allet
 1 ELUSIVE PATH 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+67-3.0Vincent Allet
[Collapse] Cedric Segeon
 7 STAR OF ZEUS (AUS) 1 10:151500mG Div Cls78 Patrick Mervens
 1 HADARAT 2 10:501400mG Div Cls71 Patrick Mervens
 1 BLOW IN THE BOX 3 11:251400mF Div Cls66 Patrick Mervens
 6 LUMBER JACKAROO 4 12:001450mF Div Cls61 Patrick Mervens
 1 TRIPOD 5 12:35990mF Div Cls63 Patrick Mervens
 2 THE SULTANS BAZAAR 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+65 Patrick Mervens
 3 BARITONE 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+62 Patrick Mervens
[Collapse] Derreck David
 4 SEVENTH SILVER 1 10:151500mG Div Cls73 Ram Gujadhur
 2 CAPTAIN GONE WILD 2 10:501400mG Div Cls73 Ram Gujadhur
 5 KAMADEVA 4 12:001450mF Div Cls62 Ram Gujadhur
 5 CAPTAINOFTHESEA 5 12:35990mF Div Cls67 Ram Gujadhur
 6 TRIPPI'S EXPRESS 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+66 Ram Gujadhur
 1 ROCK ON GEORDIES 8 14:251500mG Div Cls77 Ram Gujadhur
[Collapse] Dhoorgesh Bheekary
 2 VOLATILE ENERGY 1 10:151500mG Div Cls79 Shirish Narang
 4 HEART OF DARKNESS 2 10:501400mG Div Cls76 Shirish Narang
 3 WAVEBREAKER 5 12:35990mF Div Cls68 Shirish Narang
 4 EPIC SWORD 8 14:251500mG Div Cls75 Shirish Narang
 7 VERY VARY 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+63 Shirish Narang
[Collapse] Dinesh Sooful
 7 SUPREME ORATOR 3 11:251400mF Div Cls64 C Ramdin
 8 ROB ROY 5 12:35990mF Div Cls65 Vincent Allet
 2 WALL TAG 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+64 Vincent Allet
 9 KING'S STORY 8 14:251500mG Div Cls72 Jean Michel Henry
[Collapse] Kevin Kalychurun
 3 RAP ATTACK 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+63 Shyam Hurchund
 7 ERNIE 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+67 Jean Michel Henry
[Collapse] Nishal Teeha
 5 JALS TIGER 8 14:251500mG Div Cls78 Gilbert Rousset
 6 DOUBLE GRATITUDE 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+65 Ricky Maingard
[Collapse] Nooresh Juglall
 1 MINNESOTA DREAM 1 10:151500mG Div Cls71 Gilbert Rousset
 3 CAMP DAVID (IRE) 2 10:501400mG Div Cls74 Gilbert Rousset
 3 CANDY APPLE 3 11:251400mF Div Cls67 Gilbert Rousset
 2 STEAK AND ALE 4 12:001450mF Div Cls64 Gilbert Rousset
 7 MAXAMORE 5 12:35990mF Div Cls62 Gilbert Rousset
 7 PATROL OFFICER 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+66 Gilbert Rousset
[Collapse] R K Chumun
 9 NAIZAK 1 10:151500mG Div Cls76 Patrick Mervens
 6 AWARE 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+61 Amar Sewdyal
[Collapse] Roland Boutanive
 8 STREETBOUNCER 1 10:151500mG Div Cls77 Vincent Allet
 5 ALSSAKHRA 3 11:251400mF Div Cls62 R Gujadhur
 7 KEMAL KAVUR 8 14:251500mG Div Cls73 R Gujadhur
 2 HEAD OF THE PACK 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+64 Nagadoo
[Collapse] Rye Joorawon
 5 SKIP THE RED 1 10:151500mG Div Cls75 Ricky Maingard
 8 CAPTAIN FALCON 2 10:501400mG Div Cls75 R Gujadhur
 6 CHOIR OF ANGELS 3 11:251400mF Div Cls65 Jean Michel Henry
 4 CAPTAIN SWAROVSKI 5 12:35990mF Div Cls61 Alain Perdrau
 4 TSITSIKAMMA DANCE 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+64 Jean Michel Henry
 1 AFRICA RISING 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+61 R Gujadhur
 3 COPENHAGEN 8 14:251500mG Div Cls71 Vincent Allet
 1 BIRTHDAY BOY 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+61 Vincent Allet
[Collapse] Sunil Bussunt
 7 SHADOWING 2 10:501400mG Div Cls78 Amar Sewdyal
 3 UNBELIEVABLE LAD 4 12:001450mF Div Cls65 Amar Sewdyal
 6 EDGE OF THE SUN 5 12:35990mF Div Cls66 Amar Sewdyal
 2 CARLTON HEIGHTS 8 14:251500mG Div Cls710 Amar Sewdyal
 4 CAPTAIN MOSS 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+67 Alain Perdrau
[Collapse] Swapneel Rama
 6 STARSKY 1 10:151500mG Div Cls72 C Daby
 6 THE RIGHT STUFF 2 10:501400mG Div Cls77 C Daby
 2 THE JAZZ SINGER 3 11:251400mF Div Cls63 Shyam Hurchund
 1 ALL ABOUT THE BASS 4 12:001450mF Div Cls63 Shyam Hurchund
 5 AFDEEK (AUS) 6 13:101500mE/F Div Cls5+62 Ricky Maingard
 5 TRIPLE FATE LINE 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+63 Shyam Hurchund
 6 KAYDENS PRIDE 8 14:251500mG Div Cls79 Ricky Maingard
 5 SECRET IDEA 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+62 C Daby
[Collapse] Vijay Anand Bundhoo
 2 ARLINGTONS REVENGE 5 12:35990mF Div Cls64 Simon Jones
 10 TANJIRO 8 14:251500mG Div Cls76 C Daby
[Collapse] Yashin Emamdee
 5 STOCKBRIDGE 2 10:501400mG Div Cls72 Nagadoo
 4 VIKING TRAIL 4 12:001450mF Div Cls66 Simon Jones
 4 OUR EMPEROR 7 13:501450mE/F Div Cls5+65 Simon Jones
 8 TEMP THE TIGER 8 14:251500mG Div Cls711 Nagadoo
 3 POINCIANA 9 15:00990mE/F Div Cls5+66 Simon Jones
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