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Age: 3 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: 115 (at last run)
Owner: Mr V C Veeramootoo
Breeder: Gary Player Stud (Pty) Ltd
Trainer: Stuart Pettigrew
Breeding: Var (USA) - Seminole by Captain Al
Colours: Blue, yellow stars, yellow and blue hooped sleeves, yellow collar and cap
Last run: 2021-06-06
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2020-07-21Vaal 1000 57.0A 220.75CAPTAIN MORISCODiego De Gouveia57.1267/2022/10GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR60000
2020-08-02Turffontein 1000 60.0A 91-2.75*PHINDA MZALADiego De Gouveia56.978/109/20GoodMdn PlateTurfStandsideR60000
2020-08-30Turffontein 12008960.0A 41-2.25*BOWIEDiego De Gouveia70.8523/2011/20GoodGrad PlateTurfInsideR60000
2020-12-29Vaal 12009559.5A 544.25WINTER STORIESMarco V'Rensburg69.7413/25/2GoodProg PlateTurfMainR85000
2021-01-19Vaal 14009560.0A 620.20PAISLEY PARKRandall Simons81.3931/202/1GoodGrad PlateTurfMainR77500
2021-01-28Vaal 14509554.5A 31-2.10*IN CAHOOTSMuzi Yeni85.0623/205/10GoodMR 96 HCPTurfMainR77500
2021-02-11Turffontein 120010056.0A 11-0.80*DOWN TO ZEROCraig Zackey72.6633/207/10V/SoftMR 102 HCPTurfInsideR85000
2021-03-13Turffontein 116010652.0A 101-0.10*BOHICAMuzi Yeni65.284/133/10GoodGrade 2TurfStandsideR250000
2021-04-04Scottsville 140011260.0A 522.50SEEKING THE STARSDiego De Gouveia84.789/43/1V/SoftGrade 3TurfMainR146250
2021-05-18Vaal 120011561.0A 843.50BATTLE FORCEDiego De Gouveia69.44100/334/1GoodMR 110 HCPTurfMainR85000
2021-06-06Scottsville 120011554.0A 261.05BATTLE FORCEMuzi Yeni68.785/125/7V/SoftGrade 1TurfMainR500000
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