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Age: 4 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: (at last run)
Owner: Messrs R J Bloomberg, G S Knowles, Bryn Ressell, E C van Niekerk, T Gujadhur & J M Lim Fat & Dr B R Hattingh
Breeder: Mr A C Peter
Trainer: R Gujadhur
Breeding: Var (USA) - Jalberry by Jallad (USA)
Last run: 2020-07-25
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2018-12-29Kenilworth 1400 59.0A 654.05ALL IN LINEAldo Domeyer88.0712/136/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-01-12Kenilworth 1600 59.0A 379.25AMAZING SATCHMOCorne Orffer102.7518/1011/10GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-02-16Kenilworth 1600 60.0A 133.50SWIFT SURPRISEAnton Marcus99.7515/46/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-03-16Durbanville 16006560.0A 766.60DESTINCorne Orffer99.123/183/20GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-05-25Kenilworth 14006360.0A 820.30HORATIUSGreg Cheyne87.7419/473/20GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-06-01Kenilworth 14006360.0A 751.55THE PERFECT WAVEDonovan Dillon86.857/42/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2020-06-20Mauritius 1500 61.0 743.70WHY WOULDN'T YEWJeannot Bardottier92.5411-29-1GoodG Div Cls7TurfMainR60086
2020-07-25Mauritius 1450 61.0 71-2.10*NAPOLIRye Joorawon89.0027/102/1GoodG Div Cls7TurfMainR60086
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