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Age: 4 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: 72 (at last run)
Owner: Mesdames K Finch, D Nagle & Paul Shanahan
Breeder: Wilgerbosdrift & Mauritzfontein
Trainer: Brett Crawford
Breeding: Fort Wood (USA) - Pumpkin Ridge by Tiger Ridge (USA)
Colours: Navy blue, lime green seams, sleeves and cap
Last run: 2020-03-07
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2019-03-16Durbanville 1600 60.0A 1256.55DESTINGreg Cheyne99.1110/116/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-04-06Durbanville 1600 60.0A 542.50RETRO EFFECTCorne Orffer98.184/19/2GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-04-16Kenilworth 1800 60.0A 1171.95AL JALALICorne Orffer116.604/173/20GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-05-05Kenilworth 14006360.0A 533.75SIX DEGREESCorne Orffer91.4533/207/4GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-06-19Kenilworth 16006060.0A 520.40SAINT WESTGreg Cheyne99.9715/427/4GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-06-29Kenilworth 16006960.0A 111-1.25*KHOPESHGreg Cheyne104.7017/425/4V/SoftMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-10-09Durbanville 14007960.0A 696.85SUPER SILVANOGreg Cheyne85.2112/111/1GoodMR 78 HCPTurfMainR83000
2019-11-09Kenilworth 16007960.5A 853.95SUPER SILVANOGreg Cheyne100.1914/136/1GoodMR 78 HCPTurfMainR75000
2019-12-07Kenilworth 18007860.5A 5107.30SILVER HOSTGreg Cheyne113.3812/133/1GoodMR 76 HCPTurfMainR65000
2020-02-29Kenilworth 16007559.5A 16128.45KATAKGreg Cheyne100.6316/155/1GoodMR 76 HCPTurfMainR65000
2020-03-07Durbanville 14007256.5A B468.70PEACEFUL DAYCorne Orffer84.3110/18/1GoodMR 79 HCPTurfMainR65000
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