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Age: 4 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: 82 (at last run)
Owner: Messrs R S Dyer, S N Buchan, N Evans, M K Chant, G de Jong, A Dixon, R Morgan, R Sherwood, G Carter & Mrs P J Lewis
Breeder: Millstream Farm
Trainer: Bridget Stidolph
Breeding: Judpot (USA) - Casa Nostra by Strike Smartly (CAN)
Colours: Orange, white maltese cross, sleeves and cap
Last run: 2020-10-17
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2019-05-11Borrowdale 1000 58.0*2.5S 41-0.25*LILY BLUELiam Tarentaal60.77155/2013/1V/SoftJuv PlateTurfMainR7000
2019-06-01Borrowdale 12606655.5S 11110.60SUPA MEMORIES (ZIM)Calvin Habib76.676/15/1GoodMR 55 HCPTurfMainR8000
2019-06-30Borrowdale 10006660.0S 743.25CLASH CITY ROCKERBrendon Mcnaughton59.0013/114/1GoodMR 49 HCPTurfMainR9000
2019-07-13Borrowdale 11006660.5S 61-1.00*MISSY FRANKLINAnthony Andrews65.885/1113/20GoodMR 50 HCPTurfMainR10000
2019-07-27Borrowdale 1200 58.0S 364.60LILY BLUEHennie Greyling72.9918/1047/20GoodGrade 3TurfMainR12000
2019-10-05Borrowdale 12007160.0S 41-7.00*GIMMETHEGREENBACKKeanen Steyn71.0911/111/1GeneralGrad PlateTurfMainR30000
2019-11-16Borrowdale 12007760.0A 41-1.00*WANTAGEKeanen Steyn71.965/413/20GoodHCPTurfMainR45000
2020-07-19Borrowdale 12008159.0A 720.75DAFFIQMorgan Nyamagwete70.1811/213/2GoodPin PlateTurfMainR95000
2020-08-16Borrowdale 16008157.5A 556.30ARMSTRONGMorgan Nyamagwete97.054/111/2GoodMR 85 HCPTurfMainR95000
2020-08-28Borrowdale 12008160.5A 420.25WIJDAANMorgan Nyamagwete70.1218/1015/10GoodMR 80 HCPTurfMainR95000
2020-10-17Borrowdale 12008259.0A 232.00GOLDEN LIONMorgan Nyamagwete70.5518/1018/10GoodPin PlateTurfMainR1600
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