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"First off let me please thank you for your efforts on Formgrids. Since my introduction to horse racing the website has been a game changer in my studies. It is by far the most superior study tool out in there at the moment in my opinion."

Richard Smart

"Now that I am in Dubai I have been going on Formgrids, to study form back home, quite a lot... bloody hell it is really a comprehensive, impressive and invaluable tool to study with. No one should buy a horse in South Africa without checking its form out on your website. Hope it goes well for you..."


"Not consulting Formgrids before punting a horse is like buying a car without a test drive - just plain stupid!! Keep up the GREAT work David and your team."

Mr Hawaii

"I live on Formgrids, I dont know how racing would go on without it, It helped me to win my championship."


"I use Formgrids all the time and it is a fantastic website!"

Eugene Freeman

"Very, very informative. A must for Jockeys and anyone who takes his racing seriously. It has been a great help to me. I use it all the time."

Sean Cormack
Leading Natal Jockey

"Mate, I registered, logged in etc, it is very comprehensive... it does lead back to being able to assess the information which is given, and then doing your own weights and measures etc. from previous runs, which is fair enough. As good as I've seen, compared to our best form guides. Well done. Good luck!"

Australian Racing Expert

"Very informative. Easily accessible. Very, very good. Excellent. I have already recommended it to my overseas clients to use."

Dean Kannemeyer
Top Cape Town Trainer

"Just want to first say that I have been a huge fan - and 'user' of FORMGRIDS since it first started - and it is now one of my most visited websites!"

Alistair Brown

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you guys onn a job well done. Formgrids is great."

Sanjith Bugwandeen

"Formgrids is the most exciting thing to come out of racing since I've been around, we on it all the time."


"Formgrids a mile ahead of anything else. It's a simple user friendly site and what impresses me the most is how quickly its updated. Formgrids is permanently in my favorites bar. I know of many trainers, jockeys and jockey's agents that only use Formgrids."


"I am a small time punter who is now playing around with the idea (seeing that i am semi-retired) to become a full-time punter thanks to Fomgrids. My strike rate has improved exponentially since i have started using Formgrids about a month ago."

Chris van der Merwe

"I have used horse racing sites all over the world, but this site is in a league of its own."

Andrew Bonn
Horseracing TV Presenter

"Fast, brilliantly conceived, unique and a must for form studiers. Regularly upgraded with new add-ons and features, this site deserves a technical award."

Leon Setaro

"Excellent concept. I am amazed at the speed of form studying."

Tex Lerena
Chairman of the South African Jockey's Association and retired jockey.

"Brilliant site. Extremely useful. A must for agents, racing people. Well done!"

Frank Zackey
Agent for International Jockey Weichong Marwing.

"It really is a useful tool and your generosity to us, the public, has no words."

Bill Jacobs

"Dear David, I would like to congratulate you on your Formgrids. As a Racing Analyst I see the immense value in your web site and would heartily recommend it to my clients. In fact I use them daily and this week I managed to tip the pick-six which paid over R56,000 as a results of information I gleaned from the grids. Thank you and I wish you all the best as you develop it further."

John Sweet

"I don't care what anyone says your site is the best by far to study form - recently had a horse run that was the worst on the day from four 1160m races (about 45-50 horses) - I used the LBH tool to find this in seconds"

Mr Hawaii

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. This is exactly what I need as an agent. I use it all the time."

Ray Curling
One of South Africa's top jockey agentsRay can boast record breaking 335 winners in one season, two July's and two SA championships.

"Formgrids has been identified by our expert players around the world as the 'REAL DEAL'."


"Hi David , I also would like to take this opportunity and say a Big Thank You and Congrats for a job well done. I was introduced to Formgrids by John Sweet."

Robert Jali

"Just want to congratulate you and your staff on a incredibly informative website, a must for all punters like myself. I have used Formgrids for a while now and can honestly say my success rate has improved significantly... Have caught some very nice PA's..."

Albert Williams

"Since from last year [2014] I have been using Formgrids. I always find a winner or two in every meeting & it helps me to plan ahead. Thank u for the site. It's valuable."


"I am a big supporter of your website, the wealth of data is staggering and very impressive. I am a horse racing enthusiast and have spent many hours wondering your site and analyzing form."


"Having watched his [John Sweet's] videos on how to analyse form using Formgrids I thought I knew everything. But Hey, I was wrong! This new look Formgrids is amazing to say the least. I'm not the Pro yet but I have found a few long priced winners using strong or developing formlines as well as the LBH tool."

Robert Jali

"I am an ardent fan of horseracing for last 14 years. I have been using Formgrids for the last 3 1/2 years, and you are all simply the best. Tks v much for yr hard work."

Jonathan Lie

"Absolutely marvelous, superb. The best site I have ever come across. It's been a great, great help to me. I use it all the time."

Rob Champion
Cape Town's leading jockey agent. He books rides for Karl Neisius, Gerrit Schlechter and Piet Botha.

"Excellent, this is so easy to use to study form. Very, very good. I like it very much."

Kevin Shea
Master Jockey

"This is the best site I have ever seen... Will be studying my horses from Formgrids from now on, thanks Paul."


"Greatest aid for any serious punter I have ever seen. Exceptional and very innovative. Very, very easy to use.
You can quote me"

Stan Elley
Cape Town Race Horse Trainer and TV Presenter

"Formgrids takes handicapping one step further..."

Vee Moodley
Racing Control Manager, South African Jockey Club

"Firstly well done with the site, brilliant stuff. I am addicted to it, and, as a jockey it is a huge help selecting the right rides. Every free moment while riding at track I'm looking up formlines on my phone and comparing how they worked."


"This is the best horse racing site I’ve ever seen, I can't believe it's free. Job well done!!!"


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