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Cape Racing breaks records

Posted on Thursday, 23 February 2023

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"The statistics tell the story. The initiatives of the past six months have led to a monumental positive shift in all our key racing metrics, such as: – average field sizes increased from 9.8 runners per race in January 2022 to 11.5 runners per race in January 2023 , a 16.5% increase – the average field size in the Cape in January 2022 was 2.7% below the national average; in January 2023 it was 16% above the national average – average juvenile runners per race increased from 6.4 in the prior year to 13.7, a staggering increase of 114% – last season a total of 26 raiding horses visited the Cape, versus 101 raiding horses this season, an increase of 288%," says Justin Vermaak, who is Cape Racing's Racing & Bloodstock Executive.

Cape Tote up

Donovan Everitt, Cape Racing's Chief Operating Officer, added, "The vast improvement in the key racing metrics has had the desired stimulatory impact on our betting streams. Predictably, our improved racing and field sizes has driven up the betting turnover on our racing product.

"Despite betting on horse racing on the South African Tote being down considerably year over year, we in the Cape have witnessed a double digit increase in the Tote betting volumes on our racing. Similarly, bookmakers in the Cape have seen a spike in their Cape racing betting activity, the by-product of which ultimately flows through to Cape Racing through our share of the punter’s 6% winning tax. We intend to keep this going."

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