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Looking back: Super Six Racing Inaugural Raceday

Super Six Racing staged its Inaugural Raceday at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Wednesday 16 September 2020.

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What is Super Six Racing

It is a team format in which teams compete over six races.

Each team will have two runners in each race and will score points based on their finishing positions.

The team with the highest number of points after six races will be declared the winner.

Super Six Q & A

What is Super Six Racing

It is a team format in which teams compete over six races.

Each team will have two runners in each race and will score points based on their finishing positions.

The team with the highest number of points after six races will be declared the winner.

What is the purpose of this week's event at Hollywoodbets Greyville?

This is the inaugural meeting, it is a trial meeting to allow the organizers to begin to fine tune the offering so that our sponsors, partners and audience can get a feel for what Super Six Racing is about. It is not a launch as such and will not be broadcast live as a Super Six event. We will be putting together a broadcast package which will be made available through social media, probably towards the end of this month or early October.

How many runners in the races?

Each race will have twelve runners wherever possible. The rules of Super Six make allowances if there are fewer declared runners.

For example, if only eight runners are declared, each team will be allocated just one runner each. If only eleven are declared, the team that misses out in the allocation will be awarded eight points for that race.

What in this for punters?

Super Six is a non-gambling proposition, although there are innovative audience engagement elements, which will be introduced for our live events and will be showcased in our broadcast package.

The twelve-runner handicap format is punter friendly, a full super six series will be based on five qualifying events and a grand Final, this should ensure very competitive racing which we hope will appeal to the existing audience.

Our approach has always emphasized minimum disruption to the existing product, for those watching the Tellytrack or Gold Circle TV live broadcast, the only difference will be the colours worn by the jockeys on the day.

The current horse racing fan base is demanding and loyal, we want to bring them along with us by offering a product that adds another dimension to the sport and takes nothing away from the existing product.

What about owners?

Members of the Super Six executive are racehorse owners, including in South Africa. We know the thrill of having a horse race in your own colours and the incredible excitement when your horse is successful. We are also aware that it has never been more challenging to meet the rising costs of ownership.

For our trial we are compensating participating owners with a cash payment. We will be listening to feedback from owners and will structure the Super Six Series on the basis of that feedback. Options will include enhanced prize money for Super Six Racing and/or appearance fees.

What’s in it for sponsors?

Super Six Racing has offered a very attractive package for its founding sponsors. Sponsors will be entitled to the usual benefits associated with race day sponsorship, naming rights, advertising boards and other branding opportunities. They also have a chance to recover costs by winning the raceday competition.

Sponsors will have up to twelve runners in their colours on raceday and will also benefit from International exposure once our broadcast package is produced. We are also looking at other benefits for our sponsorship partners to encourage their participation in future Super Six Racing series and events.

What about the future?

Super Six Racing is a unique and innovative product based on a non-gambling format, we are not looking for sponsorship partners in either the gambling industry or the drinks industry. Therefore, we are pitching our product as family friendly.

Horse racing suffers in comparison with most sports in that it has to pitch its offering to an audience over 18 or even 21 years of age. Super Six allows horse racing to put its product in front of a completely new audience and for that audience to become fans of the sport at a much earlier time in their lives. For the first time, racing can compete on an equal footing with other sports such as football, rugby and cricket instead of trying to snatch these fans away from these competing sports.

Whilst Super Six Racing was initially designed to introduce horse racing to China, it is an international brand. For the first time horse racing is able to pitch to a truly global audience without the restrictions placed on it in the past.

South Africa is uniquely placed to help Super Six Racing achieve its long-term objectives. The standard of equine talent is excellent, the qualities of South African horsemen and women are admired around the world and we have been impressed by the willingness of Gold Circle to proactively engage with us.

We live in difficult times but this often presents unexpected opportunities, we believe in the future of this sport, we are committed to making Super Six a vital part of that future.

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