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Widescale promotion is what marketing experts advise companies to engage in during and after hard times. Formgrids and Formgrids Radio have provided some inexpensive opportunities to do so. Take advantage of the high traffic to these platforms. We will help you make the most of these services.

"Brands that continue to advertise through the coronavirus crisis will enjoy increased salience as consumers use media to occupy their time – and if you don't, your competitor will."

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How to request a program on Formgrids Radio

This video was produced by Vanity Film Studios

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The Formgrids Radio QR Code. Simply scan with your mobile device to open Formgrids Radio on your phone or tablet. For more info click More... below.

How to scan a QR Code

To start Formgrids Radio on your phone or mobile device simply open your camera app and point it to the QR Code above.

Apple users should get a notification. Just tap and Formgrids Radio will open.

Android users: Take a photo of the QR Code and then view it. Now tap More and wait a second or two. Now tap the Scan QR code in image in the menu. Formgrids Radio will now open in an Internet app.

How to scan a QR code using Firefox

"I discovered that the Firefox browser on mobile devices has a QR Code scanner built in," says Wolfgang, Formgrids Administrator, "so, here is a video we created to show you how you can get to Formgrids Radio using Firefox and the QR Code. Really quite simple."

This video was produced by Vanity Film Studios

Hollywoodbets Million Mania winners

The Late Great Larry King

2021 Cape Town Met Panel Discussion

The panelists:

  • Clyde Basel (Host)
  • James Goodman
  • Nico Kritsiotis
  • Daryn Burroughs
  • Frankie Zee

Will air on Cape Town Met Day, 30 January 2021 on Formgrids Radio.

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