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(KY48) INTERBET.CO.ZA 0861 150 160 MAIDEN PLATE (For Maidens)
Date: 2019-09-16 Time: 13:10
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R61000
Venue: Flamingo Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Sand
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« KY148KY157KY306KY313KY10KY20KY3710INN FLITEMODERyan Munger5G42A 60.012 1 -2.25100.6610/114/1KY68KY78KY86KY93KY101KY123
KW469DE519DE596KY137TRAVELLER'S JOYJarryd Penny4G45A B60.06 2 2.25101.0414/112/1KY83KY109KY114
« GE680SV716SV810KY316KY13KY20KY293PARADISE LOSTMarco V'Rensburg4G53A 60.010 3 2.50101.1133/1021/4KY74KY83
« TN946TN1035KY277KY298KY316KY13KY295TASTY JACK'SDylan Lerena4G50 B60.0*0.01 4 3.25101.239/244/10KY66KY74KY86KY91
« KW190KW250DE391DE425KW455KY306KY3168HYPNOTISTMuzi Yeni4G43A B60.013 5 4.50101.5112/115/1 
« GE564GE622GE730GE793SV857KY29KY374MIGHTY GEMINIEldin Webber5G50A 60.011 6 5.25101.6414/128/1KY66KY74KY83KY88KY106KY119
« GE559GE568GE599GE681GE878GE27GE662PROPOSITIONCollen Storey5G59A B60.09 7 8.25102.1221/47/1KY66KY86KY91KY101KY117
« VR642KY196KY215KY278KY298KY316KY136CASEY BOYTejash Juglall4G47A B60.0*2.55 8 8.35102.1511/293/20 
« KY298KY306KY316KY1KY10KY20KY379BRAVE ARCHMathew Thackeray4G42A 60.03 9 11.50102.7416/128/1KY58KY66KY74KY83
KY307KY335KY345KY28KY59KY206KY23211WARSAWKeanen Steyn4G20A 60.02 10 13.75103.1650/150/1 
« TN900VR987TN1035TN1101SV790GE825KY3061CINNABONNathan Klink5G64A B60.0*0.014 11 15.75103.4711/29/1KY83KY88KY106KY114
KY240KY269KY295KY13KY2912VILLA'S WORLDNicholas Patel3C44A B57.04 12 23.25104.6833/150/1KY69KY76
VR863VR919VR985VR1122TN1148KY30613SNELLERCole Dicken3G41 B57.0*4.07 13 35.25106.5733/150/1 
VR525VR66714JURYKabelo Matsunyane3C A 57.0*0.08 14 99999.9916/125/1KY106KY119KY120


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