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Trip To Paradise

Age: 7 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: 72 (at last run)
Owner: Mr S Botha (Jnr)
Breeder: Patricia Devine Investments (Pty) Ltd
Trainer: Stephanus Botha
Breeding: Trippi (USA) - Love Is In The Air by Jet Master
Colours: Blue, maroon sleeves, gold spots, maroon cap
Last run: 2019-11-23
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2017-01-03Vaal 1600 55.5 186.25MAJESTIC BAYLukas Bester95.9620/110/1GoodMR 80 HCPTurfMainR100000
2017-10-26Vaal 1200 58.5A 642.15DRAGOONChase Maujean70.7417/117/1GoodMR 69 HCPTurfMainR88000
2017-11-07Vaal 1500 57.0A 1131.00SLEEPINSEATTLEKarl Zechner90.049/17/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2017-11-23Vaal 1700 57.0A 620.50CRAZY VISIONKarl Zechner105.3913/29/2GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2017-12-09Vaal 2000 60.0 142.70ALI BON DUBAIKarl Zechner124.1113/29/1GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2017-12-14Vaal 1700 59.5 351.80SIDE SHOWGavin Lerena103.7628/1033/10GoodMR 67 HCPTurfMainR82000
2017-12-28Vaal 1700 59.0 91012.15RESOLUTE CAPTAINWeichong Marwing104.7428/107/2GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-01-23Vaal 1800 58.5A 1352.60MY FAVOURITE BROWN (AUS)Karl Zechner120.2118/1167/20GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-02-06Vaal 1800 54.5A 9710.80WEST COAST WARRIORMpumelelo Mjoka109.6811/110/1GoodMR 73 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-03-15Vaal 1500 60.0A 11-0.70*STREETWEARGunter Wrogemann90.6431/49/2GoodMR 65 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-04-05Vaal 1600 60.0A 1343.10BUSH PILOTGunter Wrogemann97.83113/20147/20V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfMainR82000
2018-04-26Vaal 1500 57.0A 943.50FULL OF ATTITUDEGunter Wrogemann89.976/18/1GoodMR 74 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-05-22Vaal 1400 58.0*0.0A 443.15DANZAKabelo Matsunyane81.7014/114/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-06-05Vaal 1600 58.0*1.5A 1520.20STAVINSKYKhanya Sakayi95.9611/110/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-06-26Vaal 1400 60.0A 941.75IN THE GAMEMuzi Yeni84.039/26/1GoodMR 69 HCPTurfMainR82000
2018-07-08Turffontein 1600 58.0*0.0A 31-0.40*LUTE SOCIETY (AUS)Kabelo Matsunyane98.175/15/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfInsideR88000
2018-07-26Vaal 1600 52.0*0.0A 543.00NORDIC REBELKabelo Matsunyane96.7211/112/1GoodMR 88 HCPTurfMainR112000
2018-08-25Turffontein 1450 58.0A 1152.50MOUNT KEITH (ZIM)Mark Khan89.3431/411/1GoodMR 74 HCPTurfInsideR88000
2018-09-06Vaal 1800 58.5*0.0A 10914.25CONDOR GULCH (IRE)Kabelo Matsunyane113.6827/49/1GoodMR 73 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-09-20Turffontein 1600 60.5A 1141.95SEVENTH OF JUNE (AUS)Craig Zackey97.889/113/1GoodMR 68 HCPTurfInsideR82000
2018-10-25Vaal 1600 58.0A 379.15GREENWOOD DRIVE (AUS)Piere Strydom95.5427/45/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-11-06Vaal 1700 59.5A 232.55DARKEST HOURCraig Zackey102.729/18/1GoodMR 68 HCPTurfMainR82000
2019-10-31Vaal 16007260.0*4.0A 91215.75YOUCANTHURRYLOVECole Dicken99.3816/130/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfMainR88000
2019-11-14Vaal 12007250.0A B61720.25HAWWAAMJarryd Penny72.2366/1100/1GoodPin StksTurfMainR130000
2019-11-23Turffontein 18007260.0A 13126.10TOP RANKCollen Storey113.8136/130/1GoodMR 72 HCPTurfInsideR75000
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