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Message from the founder

It is with much relief and joy that I can finally say Formgrids is back, although much work is still to be done before we are even at the stage where we were before the hack in 2016, I feel comfortable enough to say that "we are back."

This is mainly due to the fact that our original programmer Wolfgang is back and also because some real racing people have gone out of their way to assist us with a data feed.

In 2016 Wolfgang left suddenly to take up a job offer in the USA and shortly after he left the Formgrids website was viciously hacked. And then, literally days later, a copy of our site was launched by well known industry people.

The last few years have been a punishing journey for the Formgrids staff and the "fill in programmers" who under tremendous pressure took over while Wolfgang was away. They kept us running enough to stay afloat. This was done while having no prior horseracing knowledge. So we cannot thank Pedro and Jonathan enough for their unselfish efforts and great work ethics. They had no obligation or links to racing yet stood up to be counted while many who had obligation did not.

And, funny enough, the difficulties we experienced over the years were brought on us by the very entities responsible for the well being of racing whom Formgrids helped so much when racing needed it most. The reality is that certain people in well paid positions had responsibilities to racing and these same racing folk yet chose to destroy rather than to build.

I say a huge thank you to that small handful of racing people that supported Formgrids in anyway through the years even if it was just a kind word or an email of supporting words.

To those that sought the demise of Formgrids whether you were a main character or just played a small role I say that I can take it on the chin and cowboys don't cry. But the bigger picture is that you have failed in your obligation to racing.



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